Murdo Girl…Sunday’s lesson

I wrote a poem the other day that needs a few adjustments.

The message was, in retrospect, lacking in real substance.

It isn’t true that true believers never feel the angst of stress.

Or can live their lives without the joy of social happiness.

Cancel culture has the power. It decides what’s right or wrong.

I watch and hope that someone else deals with the angry throng.

I’ve felt confused and helpless. I’ve watched the world turn upside down.

Have I become desensitized to the horrors all around?

It’s not enough that we believe if no one else believes.

So many have no values, and they don’t wear fig leaves.

Can we put the toothpaste back in the tube of love and trust?

We can’t go on pretending our lives won’t soon combust.

All of us must treat ourselves and others with respect.

This is our only world. It’s not too late to reconnect.

I have come to realize we have no other choice.

We can’t be stifled anymore. We have to find our voice.

We have our families to think of. Today is a new start.

But I alone don’t have the power to change another’s heart.

With the One who’s there to help me, I can begin by reaching out.

I can lead by example and show what faith is all about.

Action has to follow words. I’m not yet sure how that will look.

I’ve been told that all the answers are written in the Book.

Lord help me to remember that I have learned one thing.

Nothing good can happen if good people don’t do something.

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