Murdo Girl…It was nothing

Since Lav was unable to snag anymore interviews after Venus, she decided to rise above the flack and find a place where she could be queen all by herself. She’s had it pretty tough having to share her crown with Queen E or Murdo Girl. A change of scenery might be nice.

wp-15971154871351350301606158920395.jpg MG sees her: Hey!!! That looks like all kinds of fun. I’ve had enough stayca, I could use a little vayca.

MG: Hey Lav! Land that thing. I want to go.

wp-15973526940333369131232423026018.jpgMG: Where did you get this, Lav? I love it!

Lav: I picked it up at the Goodwill store. It was next to nothing.

MG: Do you know how many miles it has on it? It seems to ride pretty good. What’s it got under the hood?

Lav: I got it at the Goodwill store. It was next to nothing. I haven’t had to put any gas in it, yet. All I have to do is keep this burner back here going and steer it.

MG: Where are we going? I’m hungry.

Lav: I hope you’ve got some lunch money. I had next to nothing and I spent it on this air vehicle.

MG: Don’t worry, Lav. I’ll think of something. I have a lot of tinfoil on this crown. Cafes use a lot of tinfoil don’t they? So land this thing.

Lav: Land? I’m not sure this thing floats.


MG: Yikes! Steer it back to land, Lav.

Lav: Do you see a steering wheel around here?

MG: Look! There’s a plane…There’s a plane. HELP! HELP!


Windy: Do you see those two up there? They must be crazy. Don’t make eye contact.

This video doesn’t exist

Airy: I used to have one of those air vehicles. I took it to the Goodwill store. It was probably next to nothing.

Windy: Nothing?

Airy: Yeah, that nothing steering wheel. It didn’t work.

Arf: Come on! Quit messing around. I’ve got to find those kids!


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  1. lifelessons August 13, 2020 / 9:07 pm

    I thought she was really up in a balloon until the second photo…Gullible.


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