Murdo Girl…Old people are funny

Yesterday, we celebrated Kip’s birthday. We got to see and talk to all of our kids, grand kids, great grand kids, and one of Kip’s sisters via a zoom call. I highly recommend doing that during this time of social distancing. We’ll do it again even when things get better. It’s not often that we can all be together and everyone really enjoyed it. Our daughter, Heidi captured some of us in this picture. I wish we would have thought to take several so we’d have some with everyone in them.


Later, I started to write a poem, but didn’t have time to finish it. It began…Birthdays get old sometimes or maybe its just me. I’ll finish it later, but it reminded me of this one.

 Old People are Funny…by Mary Francis McNinch

Old people are funny. I’m glad I’m not there yet.

They forget to remember, but remember to forget.

Now what was I just saying? Oh yes, I’m not that old.

I’m always far too hot, when the old folks are too cold.

I admit I sometimes have a little trouble with my thinker.

I’m hoping I last longer than the bulb in my left blinker.

If my hair gets any thinner it will look like some old geezer’s.

Each day I pluck the long hairs from my chin with eyebrow tweezers.

The feet I used to run with are now busy growing bunions.

My acid reflux keeps me eating Tums instead of onions.

When I get my bags out to pack for a vacation,

my clothes go in the smallest and in the big bag…medication.

My friends and I agree the latest fashions don’t excite us,

but Katy bar the door if there’s a new cure for arthritis.

It saddens me that I can’t sing and dance much anymore.

My kids say, “Don’t worry mom you never could before.”

I guess it won’t be long now til I’m forced to face the truth.

I heard my Dentist say I’m getting longer in the tooth.

Even though most people call me ma’am instead of honey,

I’m not considered old yet cause I’m really not that funny.


P.S. When someday I am faced with things yet unforeseen,

I’ll hold my double chin up and remember I’m a queen.