Murdo Girl…Listen here

Do you have a minute? That’s all I’ll take today.

I have a problem with myself that just won’t go away.

I’ll give you an example. See, this is how it goes.

I need some information so I ask someone who knows.


My hitch is in the listening. It’s something I can’t do.

If you ask me what they said, I won’t have a clue.

My mind wanders off and as I wait for it’s return

I forget to listen…and therefore I don’t learn.


It isn’t that I intend not to give my full attention.

I know it makes me look as if I’m in the fourth dimension

I’ve often been told that I’m a little too intense

And if I think about it, that makes a little sense.

I’ve searched for remedies and I’ve even tried a few.

I hate to report there has been no big breakthrough.


I tried meditation and it just put me to sleep

If I journal my thoughts, I only laugh or weep.

I drank mocha latte’s and took a yoga class.

Nothing seems to help. I’m at a huge impasse.

My reason for sharing this isn’t too obscure

I’m hoping against hope that someone knows the cure.


One Week Later

I think I found the answer and it’s in a little bean

I can’t listen long when I’ve had too much caffeine.