Murdo Girl…Who is Grandma?

The old woman slowly walked to the truck as the kids, who were getting extremely hungry, rushed ahead and jumped in. Arf and Annie were already in their hiding place in the back. Eventually, the woman made it into the truck and began to drive the remainder of the way to town.

“Can we go to the hot dog stand on Main Street?” Katie asked. “You like hot dogs don’t you Jake?”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll find Main Street and you can tell me where the hot dog stand is, Kathy.”

“My name is Katie, Grandma. Don’t you even know?”

“Of course I do,” the old woman quickly said. “I’m getting tired and I just misspoke. I see the town up ahead. Help me look for Main Street.”

They were on the edge of town when unbeknownst to the woman and the two children, Arf bailed out of the truck. He had seen Brad’s truck and he was trying his hardest to catch up with it.

Meanwhile, the woman and the two children continued on to town with Annie still in the back of the truck. It would be her job to keep the kids safe.

“Hold up,” Mark said. “There’s Arf. He’s trying to catch up with us.”

Brad pulled over and both he and Mark got out of the truck and waited for Arf. When he got there, he barked and turned around. Time was of the essence and he wanted Brad and Mark to get back on the road. Arf got into the cab with them, and they headed back toward town.

“Where’s Annie, Boy?” Brad asked. “Are she and the kids okay?”



The old woman and the children were able to find the hot dog stand on Main Street. By this time, the woman wasn’t feeling up to getting out of the truck, so she parked it in the closest parking spot to wait while the kids went to buy the food.


“Now, I’ll give you kids some money and you can buy the hot dogs. We’ll eat them in the truck and then I will take you home…Okay? How would that be?”

“Good, Grandma,” Jake said. “Are we far from there?”

“No Jim,” the old woman answered. “Home is much closer than you think.”

“I wonder why Grandma called me Jim?” Jake asked as he and Katie walked hand in hand to get the hot dogs.


The old woman watched as the children purchased the hot dogs and sodas. The town was small so even though it was Main Street, there wasn’t much traffic. She wished they would hurry as she was not feeling well and she was in a hurry to get going.

From her parking spot, she could see in all directions. She noticed a truck pull up to the train track that went through Main Street just as the light turned to warn that a train was coming. She knew that truck and also knew she couldn’t wait for the kids. She backed out and left. She would go home. Yes…She would have to leave the children and go home.

Annie knew what was happening and made the decision to stay where she was. She would stay with the old woman and somehow, make sure she would be found in the event she was able to hide out somewhere.

It was a very long train, and by the time Brad and Mark were able to cross the tracks, the old woman was long gone.


“Grandma is gone!” Jake began to cry. “How will we get home, Katie? Grandma left us.”