Murdo Girl…Miracles

This isn’t an Arf and Annie Story. I can’t think, tonight. Maybe the reason I can’t think is because my head is really exposed.

What is so hard to understand about, “Just a trim, please.” Maybe hairdressers who only get $15.00 for a haircut, (including the tip), cut your hair the same way they cut everyone else’s no matter what you tell them.

A bad haircut doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to. I’ve even been known to go to a high school reunion with an exposed head. Besides, I have dozens of hats. At the moment, I’m wearing my Mickey Mouse cap.

If you look real closely, you can see some hair sticking out. There is a little hair on top, too.

Saturday, I decided to color my hair a deep auburn color. It colored my 1.5 inch gray roots a bright orangie copper. It didn’t change the hue of the rest of my hair at all. I did get the added bonus of an orange scalp. The $15.00 hairdresser said that because my roots were…sort of light (gray), I would have to color it twice to get the shade I was going for. I haven’t decided yet if I will do that or buy the cheaper stuff and go back to the “brown all over” look. I suppose my scalp will still be orange.

You have to wear a mask here when you get a haircut. My sides never turn out the same, but even though they’re different, I like them both so I won’t mess with them.

Does anyone know what time skunks come out at night? I’m in my cottage and there is a wooded area behind me. Twice now, I have been surprised by a skunk running on the other side of the fence. Everyone tells me that they are afraid of me, and will try to get away, but if I surprise them, and I’m too close, they will spray. I guess this is their season. Does anyone know how long a skunk’s season lasts? It’s almost eight o’clock and it’s going to be dark soon so I’m going to finish writing this in the big little house….

The next morning…

Good morning! I made yogurt last night in my Emeril Lagasse air fryer/pressure cooker instead of finishing my blog.

I don’t have much time this morning because we’re leaving later to take a very good friend to Tyler. She has a detached retina and for those of you familiar with them, you know it’s a very big deal. Say a prayer for Pat that the surgery and the ten days she has to stay pretty immobile, goes well.

Have a great morning. I hope tomorrow we’ll see if Brad along with Arf and Annie, are able to make any headway as they try to locate Clark’s grandpa….

***I decided to post this poem I wrote a couple of days ago.

Miracles shouldn’t be fleeting.

I got that miracle I needed

The joy I felt blew me away

Onto the next day I proceeded

Then all that gratitude went away

I stubbed my toe and it depressed me

It hurt more than I can say

That injured toe really stressed me

My gratitude turned into dismay

Then I got a lucky break

My toe healed in just one day

It had been a piece of cake

The joy I felt blew me away

Onto the next day I proceeded

Then all that gratitude went away

There was one thing more I needed

Or my happiness wouldn’t stay…

I couldn’t get my hair to curl

And it ruined my whole day

My mind was really in a whirl

I was in a state of disarray

Then a friend came to my rescue

She fixed my hair a different way

It was the very, very best do

The joy I felt blew me away

Onto the next day I proceeded

Then all my gratitude went away


I should always be grateful

I’ve been blessed beyond belief

I have no reason to be hateful

I will spread love instead of grief