Murdo Girl…An embarrassing moment

I didn’t tell you the end of the story about our first little used motor home.

Someone along the way told us about Cedar Creek Lake. It’s one of the few lakes around Dallas where homeowners can have a boat dock. We loved it and went there for countless camping weekends. You can ride around the lake in your boat and see the most beautiful lakefront houses.

Cedar Creek Lake…sixty miles east of Dallas

We couldn’t help ourselves. We started dreaming about having a second home on the lake. Then we decided the commute to Dallas was doable and we sold our house in Richardson, a Dallas suburb, and bought a little house on the lake.

Now that we lived on a lake, we figured we wouldn’t be spending time camping at other lakes, so we decided to sell the little motor home that had given us so many good memories.

The couple in their sixties who bought it came over to our house to sign the paperwork. We visited for a while and then they gave us the money, and we gave them the title. When they got ready to leave, Kip and I had an embarrassing moment. The lady had placed her rather large purse on the floor by her chair. It was full when she sat down. When she got up, there was nothing in it.

Sadie had kept herself entertained by removing each item one by one and hiding it. She had hidden the entire contents of the nice lady’s purse throughout our house.

Kip and I began looking high and low for the stolen goods. We found lipstick and powder with the dust balls under the bed. The little thief had dropped a few things that left a trail to some of the items she had hidden. It’s a good thing Sadie was short, because we only had to look in low places. When we got down to the last few items the lady swore she was still missing, we started running out of places to look. We finally found the checkbook in the clothes basket, and I got really excited when I found a set of keys in with the doggy toys. They didn’t belong to the lady, but I had been looking all over for my extra set of car keys.

Sadie walked by me and I could smell spearmint. I told everyone they could quit looking for the gum.

The sun was going down over the lake when we finally stopped looking. I got the couple’s phone number and said I would call when the wallet showed up. How embarrassing. Thankfully, Sadie found it a couple of days later. She jumped up on Kip’s lap and she was holding it in her mouth. There was very little damage.

Kip immediately took the wallet and drove to the people’s house to give it to them. When he got back I asked him if they were happy that Sadie had found it. “You mean did they say thank you?” he asked.

“No…I suppose they didn’t,” I said. “I really hope they enjoy the motor home. Did they have any dogs?”

Sadie’s 15th birthday photograph