Murdo Girl…This and that

I know how far behind I am. I have left Grandpa John and Clark in front of the shed behind the cabin in the mountains. Clark has just opened the door and he is deeply moved and disbelieving of what he sees. 

Arf is keeping a sharp eye on Grandpa John. They have a long way to go before Arf can feel secure enough to leave him alone with the likes of Bif. Grandpa John had a terrible fall while fishing and was unconscious for several days. He’s now blind as a result of the injury.

What is inside the shed that Grandpa John has been working on for all these years and why has it made Clark so emotional? Clearly, these two have a strong bond even though they haven’t seen each other in six years. Clark’s dad previously told Clark his Grandpa had died when all the while he had been livng in the little cabin in the woods.

Sorry, but I’m not going to write anymore about that story tonight. I’m tired to the bone and it takes too much thought.

Kip’s sister, Karlyce, was here for a few jam-packed days. We’re only two weeks apart in age and we’ve always had a lot of fun together. Just to prove how much alike we are, or how much she is like her brother, she just paid thousands of dollars for her little dog’s surgery and bought the highest quality baby carriage she could find to take Charli on walks. Can you imagine passersby looking inside the carriage and saying, “Oh what a beautiful, uh, dog you have.”

Charli kind of blends in with the carriage

Karlyce brought a selfie stick with her on her visit. It took her a while to get the hang of it.

Lilie Dale loved Karlyce.

In other news…It’s my oldest son’s birthday, today

I love you Mason..