Murdo Girl…Ode to an angel

Why does that pretty angel fly so close to the ground? Why does she fly in circles instead of up or down?

She has a broken wing you say? Now how could that be so? I know she must be grateful her halo’s still aglow.

A store window dressing in Tombstone. AZ

Can her broken wing… be made as good as new? Has she tried a sling? How about super glue?

I saw her seated at a piano… playing with one hand. A nice young man played with her,and together they were grand.

This angel sang in church before covid came around. Her voice is magnificent. I miss that pure sweet sound.

To heal that broken wing. You must not over do it. You’ll soon be flying high again like there’s nothing to it.

You’re the Angel of fun and laughter. Your kind soul sets you apart. You’re an inspiration to others and your smile warms every heart.

Prayers for healing sweet friend…love, MG