Murdo Girl…On the road again

Tombstone was fun, but it was the dirtiest place I have ever been. Those cowboys who came to town must have been covered with the fine dirt that you can’t walk through without kicking up a cloud of dust. The RV park, though as nice as any in town, was void of even a sprig of grass. Nevertheless, as I said, it was fun and full of rich and interesting stories about the characters who lived there and the mining days.

When we went to Boot Hill, we were given a pamphlet that explained how everyone buried there died. A common thread was that most of them died young.

We learned while visiting Boot Hill, that most disputes were decided by who had the best aim. Others died in explosions or other accidents in the silver mines. The miners used cans with seams sealed with led. They used the same can over and over again and the led made them go crazy and eventually killed them.

Kip took the silver mine tour. He was the only person touring and he said his guide was great! I shopped around and ended up buying three kinds of honey sold by “the killer bee guy.” The Luscious Lemon is wonderful in tea. You can buy it online they would make great stocking stuffers.

Yesterday, we got up early and drove the 280 miles to Camp Verde which is 20 minutes from Sedona. It’s a super neat, though touristy, town. We were here 4 years ago and loved it. (We didn’t go to Cattail Cove because it was full.) We’ll have plenty to do for the 4 days we’ll be here. It’s supposed to stop raining at 1:00. I have to do laundry, anyway. We stayed at the Distant Drum RV Park last time, too. It is the prettiest and nicest one we’ve been in. Definitely a higher quality of dirt.

On another note. Thank you all for keeping Gus in your prayers. He has tested negative for COVID! Bill and I and the whole family couldn’t be more grateful.

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  1. Sara Hamilton December 10, 2020 / 3:40 pm

    Good to hear about Gus Prayers definitely answered 🙏🙏🙏


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