Murdo Girl…Sedona

It still feels surreal to me that we can ride all day in this house on wheels, park it somewhere that night, hook it up to water and electricity, put the slides out and it turns into our home. I love traveling this way for several reasons.

We can take all of our animals with us. There would be no way we could or would be gone this long without them. It’s also really nice to have your own things around you.

We still have to cook some, clean some, and do laundry. Yesterday. I made banana bread and ham and bean soup.

It was all good

This morning, Kip took the Jeep to a carwash and detailed it while I cleaned house. This afternoon, we drove to Sedona, an artsy town in a beautiful setting. Just before you get there you drop down into a canyon and begin to see these incredible rock formations. Some of them have names. None are named nor do they look like Abe Lincoln, however one does resemble Snoopy lying down.

I found this picture on the internet
I took this picture but now that I look at it, I don’t think it’s Snoopy.
This one is called the Courthouse

I didn’t get very many or very good pictures of the downtown area. It has lots of expensive boutiques and hotels. There are also a lot of places to rent four wheelers and Jeeps to get around in. The hills are steep and there are many trails to explore.

Today was overcast and on the chilly side. Tomorrow is supposed to be bright and sunny. We’re going to try to get an early start and go to the ghost town built on a hill. The name of the town is Jerome and I hear lots of ghosts still visit the place. We were there four years ago, but there was a lot we didn’t see.

I hope you all have a great weekend.