Murdo Girl…The ties that bind

God blessed me with the ties that bind . They are the strong resilient kind.

I look around me and I see the earthly love He’s given me.

You might think that I forgot those gone from where they once were sought.

I close my eyes and see the faces of those close by and faraway places.

The ties that tug at my heart strings, are sometimes found in little things.

An old letter, picture, or special scent can bring the past into the present.

Some ties that bind take time to form… first brittle and cold then soft and warm.

The small town where I became…who I am still feels the same.

Good memories bind me to that place. Sad ones have left without a trace.

Ties bind me to where I’m now living. Special friendships, loyal and giving.

My friends know without a doubt. They’re ones I deeply care about.

But family ties are strong and close. I feel their Joys and pain the most.

Above all else the ties that bind me when I’m lost know where to find me.

Ties forever with grace and love come to me from up above.