Murdo Girl…On the road again

Tombstone was fun, but it was the dirtiest place I have ever been. Those cowboys who came to town must have been covered with the fine dirt that you can’t walk through without kicking up a cloud of dust. The RV park, though as nice as any in town, was void of even a sprig of grass. Nevertheless, as I said, it was fun and full of rich and interesting stories about the characters who lived there and the mining days.

When we went to Boot Hill, we were given a pamphlet that explained how everyone buried there died. A common thread was that most of them died young.

We learned while visiting Boot Hill, that most disputes were decided by who had the best aim. Others died in explosions or other accidents in the silver mines. The miners used cans with seams sealed with led. They used the same can over and over again and the led made them go crazy and eventually killed them.

Kip took the silver mine tour. He was the only person touring and he said his guide was great! I shopped around and ended up buying three kinds of honey sold by “the killer bee guy.” The Luscious Lemon is wonderful in tea. You can buy it online they would make great stocking stuffers.

Yesterday, we got up early and drove the 280 miles to Camp Verde which is 20 minutes from Sedona. It’s a super neat, though touristy, town. We were here 4 years ago and loved it. (We didn’t go to Cattail Cove because it was full.) We’ll have plenty to do for the 4 days we’ll be here. It’s supposed to stop raining at 1:00. I have to do laundry, anyway. We stayed at the Distant Drum RV Park last time, too. It is the prettiest and nicest one we’ve been in. Definitely a higher quality of dirt.

On another note. Thank you all for keeping Gus in your prayers. He has tested negative for COVID! Bill and I and the whole family couldn’t be more grateful.

Murdo Girl…Ode to an angel

Why does that pretty angel fly so close to the ground? Why does she fly in circles instead of up or down?

She has a broken wing you say? Now how could that be so? I know she must be grateful her halo’s still aglow.

A store window dressing in Tombstone. AZ

Can her broken wing… be made as good as new? Has she tried a sling? How about super glue?

I saw her seated at a piano… playing with one hand. A nice young man played with her,and together they were grand.

This angel sang in church before covid came around. Her voice is magnificent. I miss that pure sweet sound.

To heal that broken wing. You must not over do it. You’ll soon be flying high again like there’s nothing to it.

You’re the Angel of fun and laughter. Your kind soul sets you apart. You’re an inspiration to others and your smile warms every heart.

Prayers for healing sweet friend…love, MG

Murdo Girl…A day in Tombstone

Tombstone is a fun place to visit if you have an interest in the old wild west, which we do. One of our favorite movies is Tombstone. There have been many movies about the town of Tombstone over the years. Another one you might remember is Wyatt Earp. Both movies tell the story of the fight at the OK Corral.

On October 26, 1881, a brief but deadly shootout between the Earp brothers and the “cowboys” at OK Corral resulted in three dead and three wounded. It has since become one of the most famous gunfights of the American Wild West. There were approximately 25 shots fired and the fight lasted about 30 seconds.

My favorite character in the movie Tombstone is Doc Holliday. In the movie and in real life he was a charismatic, rather lackadaisical guy, with a dry sense of humor and his own slang. I read an old newspaper report that the real Doc Holliday used the words “Huckleberry,” and “You’re a daisy if you do,” or “Your not a daisy, you’re a fighter.”

Basically “I’m your huckleberry” means “Name the place, and I’ll go with you,” “Name the job and I can do it,” “I’ll oblige you,” or “I’m your man.”

Other quotes from the movie are below. If you haven’t already seen the movie, you’ll have to watch it for the context of the lingo.

“In Vino Veritas.” (Under the influence of alcohol, a person tells the truth.)jhn

“Why Johnny Ringo, You Look Like Somebody Just Walked Over Your Grave.” .

“I’ve Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself.”

“Johnny I Apologize, I Forgot You Were There.”

“There’s No Normal Life There’s Just Life.

“My Hypocrisy Goes Only So Far.”

As it turned out, we had to stick pretty close to home today as Sammie, one of the cockers, had diarrhea, and Dollie the cat, was throwing up. We think it’s because even though we have a water filter, they aren’t used to drinking water from so many different sources. We bought some bottled water, and they seem to be doing better tonight.

We did manage to take a stagecoach tour around town with a driver who was an excellent storyteller. In the second picture, you will see the stairs they rolled up to the stagecoach for us to use to get in. I told the cowboy that they didn’t have anything like that back in the day. He quickly told me they didn’t get sued then, either.

We’re grateful that we have another full day to spend here. Kip wants to see the silver mine and we both want to go to Boot Hill. Since we have been trying to stay as safe as possible, we are spending most of our time participating in outside activities. We’re grateful that with the exception of one day, the weather has been great!

I took my mask off for the picture with Doc and to eat the fabulous breakfast at Moe’s. We sat at the round table. Kip got a cinnamon roll to go and I forgot to take a picture of it. He said it was wonderful…

Murdo Girl…What day is this?

It was nice to have a day when we weren’t traveling, setting up, tearing down, or seeing the sights. We had a leisurely morning, and then took the dogs to the dog park.

I got my hair cut. I would show you a picture but before and after look the same. When I got into the Jeep after my cut, Kip said, “Do you want to go to another place and see if they can work you in?”

Later, we decided to drive up to the Franklin Mountain State Park. We stopped for gas and as we were leaving the gas station the GPS lady said, “The park might be closed by the time you get there.” We’re usually pretty careful about checking times, but she was right. It was closed.

Every formation I see now is starting to look like Abe Lincoln lying down or an elephant.

We changed our plans a little. Today, we’re driving to Tombstone, AZ. Yes…we checked and it’s open. The RV park is within walking distance of all the action. With masks, social distancing and mostly outside activities, we should be okay. Here are pictures of the scenery on the drive there…tumbleweeds. I saw one that looks like George Washington.

It was cold when we left El Paso this morning we stopped to walk the dogs and make a sandwich and it was beautiful.

Murdo Girl…From Big Bend to El Paso

Someone said the drive from Lajitas to Presidio was worth navigating the steep 15% inclines and the winding roads you cover for the entire fifty mile trip. They were right! It was definitely worth it. All of the pictures you’ll see were taken from the passenger’s seat in the RV. The formation in the first picture is named Abe Lincoln. I couldn’t see it at all until I decided he must be lying down.

After completing such a spectacular drive, we stopped in Marfa to grab a bite to eat before continuing on to El Paso where we are now. I had called ahead to reserve a spot for two nights. It was a long day of driving for us because as you have probably noticed, we stop a lot. We changed from Central to Mountain time so it’s an hour earlier in El Paso, which helped. We’re going to stay here for two nights. If we want to spend a whole day somewhere, we have to stay two nights. If we want to spend two full days, we have to spend three nights.

We’re going to catch up on a few things, tomorrow. I found a big dog park where we will take the dogs in the morning so they can go for a good run.

I’m also going to look for a place to get my hair cut. I didn’t have a chance to get the usual bad haircut that I get before traveling so I’m going to get it tomorrow. Kip needs to pick up a few things and he wants to go up some hill to see where some trams that you can ride down the hill start from. I just read they are closed to the public until further notice…They’re probably nothing compared to the climb up the Santa Elena Canyon, anyway.

It should be a fun day. We’ll be headed for Cattail Cove State Park near Lake Havasu on Sunday. We’ve been there before and it’s another beautiful place with a different kind of topography.

Murdo Girl…Sights to behold

After our long walk we went back to our cozy RV and I made a breakfast that would stick with us a while. Yes it was French toast, bacon and eggs. How did you know?

Today was awesome…We got up early and let the dogs run in an area behind the RV park that displayed the most beautiful sunrise. The air was crisp, but that even made our brisk walk feel better. It sure has been fun waking up to this for the last couple of days.

There are Christmas bulbs at the end of each spike. I could do that!

After breakfast, we loaded up the dogs, said goodbye to the sleeping cat, and headed for Big Bend National Park. We already knew the park wasn’t very dog friendly, but we were able to work with it and have a lot of fun, anyway. After looking at some of the sites, we went to the beginning of the short trail that leads to the Santa Elena Canyon. We left the dogs napping in the car and walked the trail to the spot where we could see the 1500 foot high walls of the canyon towering above the Rio Grande River. It was frightening to walk up the narrow stairs and rocky paths, but the views were totally worth it. In the first picture, you can see the opening to the canyon. In the second, you can see three levels of the climb. I was about halfway up when I looked down to take the picture.

Do I look afraid?
I would feel safer in the canoe

It was an invigorating and fun day. We’re leaving tomorrow. I’ll let you know where we’re going as soon as we decide…

Murdo Girl…Where did the day go?

We were moving kind of slowly and didn’t make it all the way to the park, but we saw a couple of interesting things, today.

I had read about the Terlingua ghost town and it was just a few miles from the RV park. Terlingua was established in 1903 when mercury mining production began in the region. There are now remnants of old stone houses and a few touristy things in the town, but just down the hill there is an interesting graveyard which also began in 1903 when miners began to succumb to mining accidents. Beyond mining fatalities, the influenza epidemic of 1918-19 helped fill the graveyard. There is one grave with a hobbit theme. I saw another with a three foot statue of a Tyrannosaurus. I thought, sadly, that it must be a child’s grave. I looked at the dates and the man was seventy-eight.

Truthfully…I’ve never seen a more interesting cemetary. It made me think of the song the link below will take you to. You can listen to it and view the pictures below.

Here you go…

I spent part of the afternoon trying to figure out how to take a selfie that doesn’t make the words on my shirt look backwards.

Hey! I did it! Guess where I am.

I had to stop doing fun things for the afternoon and do 8 loads of laundry. I washed EVERYTHING!

Tomorrow morning we’re going to see Santa Elena Canyon. I read the canyon walls are 1500 feet high above the Rio Grand River.

Kip volunteered to do the yard work.

Murdo Girl…It turned out okay

We knew we had a lot of miles to drive today, so despite the 25 degree temperature, we accomplished our gots earlier than usual. We got up, got ready, got the dogs walked, got the RV ready to go, and we got out of the park at Sonora Caverns by 8:30. Our plan was to stop in Ft. Stockton which is about halfway to our destination . We were pretty sure there wouldn’t be a Walmart in Big Bend National Park and we needed to pick up some grocery items and other supplies.

It soon became a beautiful morning. The sun came out and it warmed up. It was a pretty drive and the highway was a good one…and then right before we got to Ft. Stockton, we heard a strange noise that sounded like something was bumping against the bottom of the RV. We decided the portable wagon in one of the outside compartments had moved and was banging around. We were making a left turn to cross the highway where the Walmart was and suddenly it became obvious that something underneath was now dragging on the ground. Neither of us said anything, but we were both thinking a lot. A wonderful trip can turn on you in an instant.

We pulled into the parking lot and Kip got out to take a look while I held my breath. When he came back in, his expression didn’t give anything away. “Thankfully, it’s no big deal,” he said.

That is really all I heard. Later I was talking to Gus on the phone and he was asking me all kinds of questions that I couldn’t answer.

“All I know is that part of a casing came loose from a fan and all it took was a longer screw and a hammer to fix it. I didn’t even see a screwdriver,” I said.

Kip crawled underneath and it was all better in no time. We did our shopping, filled up the RV, and stopped at a Subway for lunch before continuing on. We were really hoping we could still get to Terlingua before dark.

We did! We still had an hour or so of daylight when we pulled up to the Big Bend RV Adventure Park. Kip went into the office to claim our reservation. There was a problem. We didn’t have a reservation there. You see…yesterday, when we were trying to find a good spot, we were each looking on different apps. Kip made the call and reserved at the place he thought we had decided on. This morning I put the address of the place I thought we had decided on into the GPS. After we figured out where we were supposed to be, we drove another seventeen miles and we are now very happy at the Maverick Ranch RV Park and Golf Resort in Lajitas. Neither of us plan to golf, but that’s okay.

See? It all turned out fine… here are some pictures I took from the window on the drive. I have a feeling we will see some pretty amazing peaks and valleys in the next three days.

The first picture is called Elephant Rock…

Elephant Rock

I apologize for the doggie nose prints showing on some of the pictures. When Kip and I were both outside of the RV, Lilie Dale decided it was okay to jump up on the dash and watch what we were doing.

I didn’t take the last two pictures of the park. It’s really in a pretty setting. I’ll take some of our spot, tomorrow.

Murdo Girl…Twenty-four hours

These pictures were taken in Fredericksburg, on the drive to Sonora, and inside the awesome Sonora Caverns. Can you see the Angel in one of the pics? The cave was discovered in 1905 by a rancher trying to catch his dog who was chasing a squirrel and fell down a hole. The cavern is huge. We covered two miles with a guide and she said it was about half the normal tour.

The watermelon water tower in the slides will be a fun addition to my collection. The kitty helped decorate for Christmas. It got down to 25 degrees last night. Gus is doing better and would to thank everyone for their prayers. We are on our way to spend three days in Big Bend NP. We hear that’s a good place to social distance…

…And of course, I have included pics of Lilie Dale modeling her new sweater. Sorry this is rather disjointed…no internet last night! We’re stopping in Ft. Stockton to shop for groceries right now. We hope all is well with all of you…