Murdo Girl…Fried cornmeal mush

I can’t remember when there was a day… not even one

When I went off to bed thinking everything was done.

Picture taken from our back steps

I either fill life’s plate too full or don’t eat fast enough

If I cut the sweet part out, then life will be too tough

I always want to get a really big slice of the pie

The time I caught the big fish I was at a catfish fry

When I get to the meat of this I’ll trim a little fat

Maybe I’ll resemble Mother Goose’s lean Jack Sprat.

Life will hand me lemons with a cherry on the top

I try to be a good egg if I get fried …or not.

I can’t have my chocolate cake and always eat it too

I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. What am I to do?

I’m trying a new diet. It’s not going very well.

I think I’m going peanuts and I’m under sugar’s spell.

If I didn’t vegetate, I just might get my footing

You know what they always say. “The proof is in the pudding”

As you can probably tell from reading the first few lines, this poem was supposed to be about something else. I can’t remember what because my brain is mush…fried crispy with syrup on it.