Murdo Girl…More Mom Tips

I know I’ve written about the creative tips my mother gave me to help get through awkward situations or avoid them all together. I’ve been trying to remember some of them.

I invited some ladies over for tea in the cottage today and one of them is new. We don’t know each other and she doesn’t know the history of the cottage and she probably doesn’t know anything about Murdo Girl.

Can you tell that’s a TV tray? I need extra seating for tomorrow.

I love my little cottage, but let’s face it, sometimes I oversell things. Today, I saw everything through someone else’s eyes and not just any someone else…a newbie.

No…not to tea

On top of everything else, I told them they had to wear hats. I learned yesterday that they had their hats all ready. What does that mean? I don’t even know for sure what kind of hat you’re supposed to wear to tea. Is it supposed to be floppy? The only floppy hat I have is straw and it’s winter so I doubt it would be appropriate. I worked for hours today trying to make the Stetson hat my friend gave me into a tea hat. Can you imagine? Queen E wouldn’t wear anything like that to tea. I’ll take a picture of it later.

A crown to tea? Maybe…
Please no
What do you think?
That’s my floppy straw hat. Should I decorate it?

I have this picture in my head of serving tea with milk, and a little china sugar cube server with little tiny tongs. Don’t bother to look for them around here because nobody has them.

I meant to get a guest book today. I’m beginning to forget who has been here and who hasn’t. The newbie might think that’s pretty weird.

I have a few china cups and saucers, but they don’t match and everytime I try to use them I break one. My little teaspoons are just silver plated.

It will be just fine. I remembered something Mom used to tell people “All of my good things are in storage.”

My senior tea. I’m the one using Josephine Jost’s back to write something.