Murdo Girl…What? It’s Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! I forgot!

Slow motion or Old people are funny. Part 2

Old people are funny. I’m glad I’m not there

Oh, I guess there are a few things I’m starting to forget.

Why should I remember things I don’t need to recall?

Like what day it is or if it’s spring or fall.

I repeat myself occasionally, or that’s what I’ve been told

I occasionally repeat myself. It doesn’t mean I’m old.

My elbows crack, my knees snap, it seems that I can’t win.

I tried hard to lose some weight, but just my hair got thin.

When I look into the mirror, it’s my mother that I see.

I swear I saw her wink and say, “You look just like me.”


She said she often asked herself what she’d give up first.

A sharp mind or healthy body? Or should it be reversed?

It finally dawned on me that the choice was never mine.

What shall be will be. You’ll find out in time.

She said, “Old people are funny. Be glad you’re not there yet.

The two biggest wastes of time are worry and regret.”