Murdo Girl…All for the love of a Bing

I love to travel in the RV and as a matter of fact, Monday morning, Kip and I are headed to Rockport, TX. We are meeting our friends, Molly and Cary, who are wintering there. I’ve never been to Rockport but I hear it’s really nice. I can’t wait.

Sorry for the interruption, but there’s someone knocking at the door.

“Hello, I don’t believe I know you. Are you here to sell me something? I really don’t have the time. I’m writing a story right at the moment. Now, will you excuse me, Miss…Miss whoever you are.

Sicnarf,..Yram Sicnarf …I’m a crack-up reporter, I mean a roving reporter from Fun Barrel. (I changed the name. I got tired of saying our motto is we shoot straight.) I’ve been given an assignment to travel with you to Rock Fort. I’m supposed to document the WHOLE trip. I hope you hang out at the beach a lot.

Well, my name is MG and I don’t recall agreeing to take a roving reporter on our trip. Can I see your credentials?

Yram: My what?

MG: Your credentials…your papers

Yram: Why? I don’t have a single restraining order in Fun Barrel. I do have a few papers from Murdo. The Newspaper I work for said I shouldn’t show my face around the Murdoites for a while. I can’t go to the Black Hills, either. The editor said you owe her one. That’s how I got the roving reporter gig. She said it’s probably better if I stay on the move.

MG: Oh…right. Come on in Yram. Can I get you something? A sweet tea? A peanut butter sandwich? Different hair? Where are you going?

Yram: I need to bring my things into your house. Wow! This place is tiny! You must have to go outside to change your mind.

Yram hauls in three rather large suitcases.

Yram: I sure hope I didn’t forget anything. Once I went off to Murdo and forgot my Bing candy bars. I couldn’t go into any of the stores because of all the restraining orders. Say! would you like a Bing? I have a whole suitcase full. I didn’t know if Rock Fort would have any.

Yram and MG spent the evening in the cottage drinking tea and eating Bings. They discovered they had a lot in common. They both ate all of the chocolate with crushed peanuts that surrounded the cherry mash inside the Bing before they ate the rich cherry mash. They had both gotten sucked in by the “Balance of Nature” advertisements and are waiting for the benefits of having all of those fruits and vegetables surging through their blood.

MG: Did you get My Pillow, My Sheets, and My Towels?

Yram: Sure did? I love that guy, but he needs to get a My Shirt in a color besides blue.

MG: You know Yram, We could be sisters except I’m a queen and you’re not. You’re a commoner, Yram.

Yram: Yup…a commoner who is going to write about your every move, Queenie.

Tea with the Queenie

by Yram Sicnarf, commoner, and roving reporter

The queen has a cottage and a teeny weenie house.

Though I never saw him, she says she has a spouse

He’s driving us to Rock Fort in a royal coach

My behavior has to be way beyond reproach

Knock Knock…Who’s there? Oh…It’s Dairy Queen. I’ll have a Bing blizzard.

Another restraining order would really do me in

Could MG really be my long lost evil twin?

This Coach?

See Ya…You haven’t seen anything, yet.

Yram: Do you mind if I superficially record our conversations, MG? Speak into my watch.