Murdo Girl…Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

This is Yram Sicnarf, roving crack-up reporter. It’s way too early in the morning for this riveting writer to be roving. MG and Mr MG kept me going all day, yesterday, which was the first day of our odyssey to this place called, Rock Fort.

They woke me from a sound sleep to help them with ALL the things they have to do before they travel the highways and byways. Mr MG kept asking, “What is an Yram and why hasn’t she been cancelled?” He was only upset because there are things I can’t do on account of my nails. Not that I have nice nails, because I do not, but since the beginning of time, women have gotten out of distasteful tasks by insisting they might break a nail.

Following Mr MG to fuel up before we hook up the Jeep. We’re all riding in the coach…Yay

Good sport that I am, I ignored several of Mr MG’s innuendos. I even stopped short of complaining when he limited my closet space in the RV coach.

After a long day of travel that was only made bearable by stops at Dairy Queen and Walmart, the RV coach pulled into the Schulenburg RV Park.

Shortly after we got all set up, I was resting when I heard MG scream that we had a leak. Water was pouring from the pipe under the sink. We were filling up faster than the Titanic. I was riveted as I watched MG and Kip spring into action. Turns out when Kip changed out the water filter, he didn’t get it tight enough. It took about ten towels to get it all soaked up.

It was my suggestion that they start a shoulda, coulda, woulda, list. I got so sick of hearing them say they should have done this or we should have done that. Like the one-time Coach Riley with the Lakers used to say, “If we coulda and we shoulda then we woulda.”

Well, We are now embarking on day two of our trip. We should arrive in Rock Fort early this afternoon.

This is your roving reporter, Yram Sicnarf, signing off…