Murdo Girl…The rhythm of life..Would you?

I just got home from a wonderful two weeks in Wyoming. The weather was beautiful and I got to spend some real quality time with my very special Wyoming family. They took great care of me…

I missed writing a tribute on Memorial Day to those who lost there lives while serving this beautiful country, but since June 14th is Flag Day, I decided to say what has been on my heart.

Would you?

Would you give your life so I could live free? Would you die for my freedom and ask nothing of me?

Would you fill your days with real fox hole prayers, if you knew you weren’t on the list of my cares?

There were many before you and there’s certain to be brave souls in the future who would do this for me.

Would you continue to fight so our flag can fly high, if I didn’t take notice when I passed by?

Because you are willing to be one of the few who protect and defend us… I’ll honor you.

I know I will never be put to the test, but I will never forget you… who gave me your best.