Murdo Girl…4th of July and arthritis

I’m getting information together to continue the Rhythm of Life stories. I’ll probably post the next one on Sunday. I have been catching up with myself since I got home from Wyoming and sometimes that takes a while.

Today, I made wreathes and decorated a little for the 4th of July…I know I’m early, but I’ll be ready for Labor Day, too. I’m not miss creativity. The thing I’m best at making is a mess…

I need to turn it a little to the left.

The cactus in our front yard is starting to bloom and it’s really pretty. All we have in the way of plants is cacti.

We also took our Lilie Dale to the vet again this morning. She was just there a couple of days ago. She hasn’t been very active and her right leg is obviously hurting her. After bloodwork and x-rays, the diagnosis was arthritis… I also found out I have a torn meniscus. The vet didn’t tell me that. The doctor called and gave me the results of the MRI I had on my knee before my trip to Wyoming. So it’s off to the ortho I will go.

Getting old is so much fun. I recommend it to everyone.

I know it could be so much worse. I’ll tell you in this nonsense verse.

If I was a tree…of all things, I’d be trying to hide all my rings

If I was a spirited mare you’d gage, my teeth and know my advanced age.

Think about that new car you bought. It was worth the most when on the lot.

To you this may be a bit irrelevent, but if you want longevity, be an African Elephant.

Jellyfish live a long time too, but they don’t have that much to do.

I think I’ll stay the same old me. Even with an old bum knee.

My dog and I are quite a pair. We race to get the easy chair.

Pat has a bum arm so I shared
I think MG cheated and I’m not happy