Murdo Girl…We need a new beginning

This is not about me, personally, but I have seen families and friendships suffer because of strong opposing views and the confusion in our world continues to get worse. The anger is frightening. We seem to have lost sight of the important things that must be cherished and protected. Is it just me or do you agree that no one seems to have an end game? We must have a common goal before any kind of progress can be made. All I hear are buzzwords.

We think about our differences and in our hearts we feel despair.

And then…

We think about the times we were in need and they were there.

We think about our worldly views and the chasm which divides us.

And then…

We think about our faith in He who’s there to guide us.

We think about our shared beliefs that we know must be protected.

And then…

We think we can save the world but saving ourselves remains neglected

We think about friendships that suffer when resentments replace love.

And then…

We think about relationships and the valued histories disposed of.

We think we’ve been forsaken and we could both be right.

And then…

We think it possible to reconcile without being boastful or contrite.

We think we can bear this cross if our love is unconditional.

And then…

We think it’s worth the effort to build a friendship that’s invincible.

Faith, hope, love, trust, and forgiveness will get us where we need to be.