Murdo Girl…I’m here now

We got up at 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning so I could catch a 7:00 o’clock flight to Ontario, CA by way of Phoenix. I decided on an early flight because I dislike fighting.

I hear they have regular bar fights on passenger flights now. Mostly because passengers drink too much before boarding and then get upset because they have to wear a mask.

I didn’t get very far with this blog post yesterday.

Brother Billy picked me up at the airport. We needed help getting out of the parking lot and had differing opinions on how to get back to Gus’ house. Gus and Mom moved there 30 yrs ago, and Billy has been there 4 out of 5 days this past week. I guess he was coming at it from a different angle. I don’t know what my excuse was.

Last time we went to the Jone’s County gathering in Mesa, AZ, we stopped at a Dollar Tree store. After leaving, we drove for an hour before passing the same store which was 2 blocks from our destination.

I guess my brother and I are directionally aging poorly. Cousin Lav and Gus were both with us. I don’t know what their excuse was.

We decided we always get where we’re going. We just need to allow more time…lots more time. The cost of gas is killing us.

I wasn’t able to escape the Texas heat , but it’s all good as long as Gus has a successful surgery (Thursday) and a rapid recovery. Say a few prayers please.

We’re going to my favorite bakery this morning to have coffee and pastry with some of Gus’ friends. After that, Gus has insisted we stop by Trader Joe’s to get my favorite cheesecake for later. We’ll be sure to allow plenty of time to get there.

I just noticed there are pictures of Bill and Liz, their kids and grandson, and some pictures of my kids, and grandkids, on the walls. I don’t see any of Kip and me. What’s up with that? My brother has been spending far too much time over here, but I’m here now.

Give Billy an inch and he takes a mile…sometimes in the wrong direction.

One thought on “Murdo Girl…I’m here now

  1. sanjuan831 August 10, 2021 / 10:19 am

    Guess you will be hanging pictures of you and Kip at Gus’s. Go get some copies made at Walmart or Target. Hmm. On second thought, maybe stay put. You don’t want to miss being there for Gus’s surgery.
    Shouldn’t you be practicing driving to the hospital and back? Thanks. That was such an interesting time in AZ last year.


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