Murdo Girl…Hello Nellie May

In the six plus years I’ve been writing this blog, this has been the longest time between posts. I can’t say exactly why. Maybe I figured we could all use a break. In hindsight, I realize it wasn’t very nice of me not to let my loyal friends know I would be absent for awhile. I didn’t plan it that way. One day just turned into another.

I’ve been spending time with my California family. Gus was supposed to have surgery to replace a heart valve last week, but it got postponed until next week so I came home for a few days. I’ll fly back on Saturday so I can be there in time for his surgery on Monday.

It has been great to spend some quality time with both Gus and my brother, Billy. I could write a book about everything that has happened to us in the last two weeks, but I’ve been asked not to.

We have a new doggie. Her name is Nellie May. We’re all still getting used to each other, but so far so good. She has a sweet disposition with a funny side. I have been a little under the weather for a few days and she has shown a lot of empathy. I think dogs can tell when their humans need attention from them.

I went out for a walk with Nellie this morning so she could teach me how she walks on a leash. I watched training videos last night so I would be prepared, but I didn’t do so well. We’re going out for another try in a few minutes. I sure hope she brings better training treats this time.

Nellie May

We’re also being investigated by the German Short-haired Pointer Rescue group. They were going to speak to our vet today and then call to set up a time to come and interview us and decide if we would be good foster-to-adopt parents.

I don’t know if we’ll need references, but if we do, I think we can probably come up with a few.

We have a tradition of giving our dogs a name that ends in ie along with a middle name. The first name we tried out was Ellie but we both kept calling her Lillie so we tried Cassie, and then a couple of others that didn’t fit. We almost named her Wyn (What’s Your Name) but it didn’t end in ie. We got a dog tag with Nellie May on it so we would be invested in the name and not be tempted to change it again.

We just got back from my walk. I’m doing better on the leash, but those treats just don’t agree with me. I’m going to ask Nellie if I can have some Tums. We all know who the new boss is.