Murdo Girl…Don’t forget

I talked to Gus today. He wanted to know where his flyswatter is. Now that I think about it, I remember it looked like it had already killed a few too many flies. Not that I have sympathy for flies. They are about the most annoying bugs around.

I didn’t admit that I probably threw it away or even try to blame it on Billy. I mean how much does a flyswatter cost? You can get them at the Dollar Store. And then I felt bad because, right now, he has to depend on friends to take him to the store. It will be a huge effort for him to replace that flyswatter. Meanwhile, he said he has a huge fly buzzing around the house. Billy is going to see him on Friday. I’ll call and tell him to add a flyswatter to the things he needs to pick up. Gus can’t find his fingernail files either. I must have thrown them out. How could I be so cruel? One trip to the dollar store should do it…a flyswatter and Emory boards.

I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. After all, I did remember where I put the prunes and nuts. Gus, if you’re reading this, the nuts and prunes are in the drawer inside the cabinet marked crisp bread. I forgot to change the label. Do you see those little glass vases on the counter by the spice rack? They belong to the nice lady who has been bringing fresh flowers and goodies. You should probably return them to her so she can reuse them…and remember to get your mail every day.

I’m sure happy that Billy will be there on Friday. I hope you two remember to call me. I’ll put that on my list. 1) Billy and Gus will call. If it’s not on my list, I might forget.

You know what they say. “Out of sight. Out of mind.”

“I understand,” says Rylie.

3 thoughts on “Murdo Girl…Don’t forget

  1. Karli A. Sorensen September 26, 2021 / 9:40 pm

    Mary, I didn’t know you were an author. I just bought your book Murdo Memories from Amazon. I can’t wait to read it. Something you may not know is that your Dad was my Dad’s best man at Mom and Dad’s wedding on July 27th 1941.


    • Mary Francis McNinch September 27, 2021 / 10:00 am

      Hi Karli, It is so great to hear from you. I consider myself to be someone who loves to write. I’m not sure that is the same as being an author. I really enjoyed telling the Murdo Girl stories. I hope you enjoy the book. I’ll send you an email later. I would love to catch up!


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