Murdo Girl…Let’s eat

By the time we blew and I mean blew into Abilene late yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, we were ready to call it a night. The wind blew so hard, it was truly scary at times.

Mommy, may I have some popcorn?

We are really grateful that our new pooches are wonderful travelers. The RV Park where we stayed had a nice fenced dog park for them to run around in. They got rid if their puppy energy while mom and dad held each other up.

Dollie, the cat, got a little car sick, but felt better the next morning. (We woke a cold 55 degrees, but the wind wasn’t as bad yesterday.

We’re now at a very nice KOA inside Carlsbad National Park. We made it across the spiral (see below).

Tomorrow morning we’re going to treat ourselves to breakfast at a bakery/Cafe and then tomorrow night, we’re going to treat ourselves to a dinner they prepare at the park and deliver to your RV. We agreed we need to start watching what we eat, so now we’ll watch it, and then we’ll eat it. In between meals, we’ll see the caverns and one or two other wonders of the world.

We’re having fun and starting to get into the rhythm of life on the road where everytime you hear a noise the motor home hasn’t made before you shout! “What was that?”

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Rhymes for all Times

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