Murdo Girl…My own voice

Every once in awhile the blog master surprises me with a new format and when I finally learn how to navigate it, they change it again. In the meantime, Gremlins take over and put photos where they don’t belong and make it look like I can’t spell. Several times they have let me halfway complete a post and suddenly they make it disappear.

I discovered or maybe decided in the last hour that I have been doing one thing right all of these years.

I learned this when I read an article entitled ten things a blogger must do to be successful. One of the ten things is you must use your own voice.

I hope you readers will agree that I have always done that. I have never tried to be someone I am not. Unless of course you count my self anointed queen status, but that’s more like role playing.

whatever I write which is sometimes fun, sometimes serious, and sometimes neither but it rhymes…it is always my own voice. We won’t go into the other nine things.

We couldn’t get things together in time today to go through the caverns but we’re all set for tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. I was told that the largest caverns in the world were discovered by a 14 year old boy in the late 1800’s when he saw all the bats fly out of it.

Anyway, we had a delicious breakfast at a cute Cafe that served lattes and cappuccino along with delicious and different breakfast bowls, French toast, and Belgian waffles. We took two bear claws to go. They were the second best we’ve ever had. The first being some we had while visiting Janet and James Adams in Hendersonville, NC.

I’m about to bust!

We found a huge dog park for the dogs to wear themselves out in and got back in time for our smoked turkey dinners to be delivered by the park hosts. It was all delectable…especially the Keylime pie.

Rylie loved the playhouse in the dog park.

Time to call it a night. Pray I don’t see any bats tomorrow