Murdo Girl…Cattail Cove

The internet is virtually nonexistent here but I’ve been trying to gradually get a few pictures on the blog.

First of all, we finally got everyone well. Kip and Nellie are still taking antibiotics but they have turned the corner.

The pups have really enjoyed socializing along the way and I think they like the Lake Havasu City dog park the best. They made lots of new friends, yesterday. The only downer today was that Nellie was really afraid of the fire we had at our campsite, tonight. She wouldn’t sit near it and I had to walk her the very long way around to even get her to come inside.

Tonight we had Brats and potatoe salad with peach cobbler for dessert. This morning I made Belgian waffles, bacon and eggs. We’re eating well, but we did go on a three mile hike.

We will be here until Wednesday and then onto Ontario.

I do think this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.