Murdo Girl…In command

We go from one campground to another and look for the best dog park. We spend much of our time saying, “I’ll give you a treat not to bark!”

When we got our two new treasures, we violated every rule. We were going to get “older” dogs. Now, we’re in virtual dog training school.

Who knew they must be taught to socialize in a highly respectable way. They’re learning to play nice in the park or they don’t get to stay.

Rylie jumped the fence and Nellie stood firm when it came time to go. I’m sure the other pet owners wished we’d leave with our new dogs in tow.

We bought training collars that zap and whistle to use when we go for a stroll. We’re having a problem understanding how to use the remote control.

We found something at the Dollar Store that has worked better than you would expect. It’s a flyswatter with a hand on the end. (We haven’t swatted them yet.)

Please know we would never swat our precious children…

We say, “Don’t bark, jump, etc.,” and then we show them “the hand.” They are quickly learning to follow almost every command.

Though we may not yet be experts, we’ve really come a long way. We all know what our name is and we don’t move when we’re told to STAY!

Rylie loves his lap time with Kip…

We’re having a great time…even the kitty has become friends with Rylie and Nellie.

We’re going to see London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, today. It was brought here piece by piece…

They love each other…

I’ll speak for myself. Cats don’t love, they tolerate…

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  1. countrygirl57 November 9, 2021 / 6:52 am

    Love the story! 

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