Murdo Girl…A new tree and an ugly dress

Written last night…

As many of you know, our lives and those of my California family have been rather hectic since the first part of August. My brother, Billy, and I have been lazer focused on my stepfather, Gus, who underwent some pretty major heart surgery and has also had to adjust to advanced macula degeneration and the many life changes it involves.

He has been quite the trooper and has put up with my bossy self and my know-it-all attitude. I know he must have been so happy to see me go yesterday. Kip and I were there for 36 days. That doesn’t count the month I was there during and after the surgery.

This trip involved getting Gus settled into a new house and all that entails. I fear I fell way short of leaving him as organized as I should have, but it was really time to take my husband and my dogs and go. Gus’ eyes told me not to come back even if I left my car keys or my coffee mug behind, which I usually did when we left to head back to the RV over the 36 days.)

A little housewarming fun. “To die for” food provided by Billy’s wife, Liz
The RV tree I purchased at Goodwill today. I added the lights.

So, we left and decided we needed to go somewhere and take some time to figure out where we were/are. Right now, we’re in a lovely RV park near Simmi Valley. We’re taking off early tomorrow and will see the Reagan Library and then we’re going to spend three days in Santa Barbara near the ocean. By the time we leave there, it will be December 23rd. Christmas will be spent on the road, and it will surely feel weird. Did I tell you we have 4 kids, 8 grandkids, and 4 great grandkids? Christmas snuck up on me… I will never understand how people manage to keep their lives organized.

It was fun to warm myself by this bon fire outside the laundry room at the RV Park last night.

I did buy a tree today for the RV and the dogs helped me decorate it. They have really come a long way in their relationship- building with the cat. One of them puts their ball near the cat who is reclining in the recliner and the other one tries to get the ball while the kitty bats them with her paws. She enjoys the game a lot. I can tell. She had both paws around Rylies head today. It looked as if she was hugging him.

I don’t hug dogs
Ever felt like this?
“I’m pretty creative myself. I can’t wait to redo these valances to better match my new chair coverings,” says the cat.

I have to call it a night, but I want to share this Christmas picture of me and some of my cousins that was taken at my Aunt Emily and Uncle Wayne Sanderson’s house. I’m the one in the dress with the fur collar. I just loved that dress. I grew into it about ten years later.

It was blue