Murdo Girl…What’s next

My son used to say, “Mom, can I have some Martian mallows in my hot chocolate?

Tonight, after a day that started out pretty disappointing, I was determined I was going to end it by doing something fun. Kip built a fire in the firepit, and I roasted and ate ten or fifteen Martian mallows.

Just the way I like them!
I could have used some grandkids about now.

Maybe it was fifteen or twenty. Kip took a pass. He had an exhausting day at the Reagan Library yesterday.

Those teleprompters are more difficult than they look.

Anyway…you’re probably wondering how someone could have a bad day in beautiful Santa Barbara…

We have really been looking forward to taking Nellie and Rylie for a long walk on the beach, and today seemed like the perfect day. It was sunny and warm. We found a beach up the road, paid the $9 to get in, and headed to find the parking lot. It was then that we discovered all the signs posted everywhere. No dogs allowed!

The girl at the booth who let us in couldn’t have helped but notice our two dogs vying for her attention. Did she think we were going to drive to the beach and sit in the jeep? She hadn’t said a word.

We stop on our way out to ask her if there were any beaches around that would allow you to walk your dogs and she along with a ranger who had shown up in the meantime, both said there were none.

We couldn’t believe that could be true, so I googled it and found two within thirty minutes who allowed pets on the beach, and one was even a no leash beach. Though the sun was under a cloud by the time we got there, we had a good time, and the dogs were really funny. They never did figure out the rhythm of the waves.

No beach pictures…I left my phone in the car. These were taken on the way to the Santa Barbara beach that likes dogs. It really is beautiful around here.

One more day here and then off to see General Sherman’s Tree in the Sequoia National Forrest. We’ll be there until the day after Christmas.

I see a dog in the picture