Murdo Girl…30,000 pounds of bananas

I came to a decision today.

I need to stop saying “I need to.” I need to, whoops… I will say, “I will do,” or better yet, “I have” done something that I thought was important enough to follow through on. I have looked at what I would call successful bloggers with tons of followers, and they seem to have several things in common. They look like they’re having fun, and they have a defined niche. They also have beautiful staging for their products and they let you into their lives. You get the feeling that you know them and for me, that is a big draw. Two entrepreneurs I have become hooked on are Cindy Spivey,, and Mallory Solley, They always make me feel like with the right attitude, anything is possible.

Since I haven’t gotten into promoting products or fashions, I can still admire the methods these two ladies seem to have mastered. Check them out, but keep reading my blog. I feel like it’s never too late to master a new skill or find what you are truly good at and can enjoy. If you’re of sound mind and body, (within reason), then you have no excuse not to keep searching, right?

I love what I’m doing now, I just want to become a better writer and communicator. Below is me practicing telling you about something I have become interested in.

My most recent new venture is to revert or should I say convert to a healthier lifestyle. I haven’t gotten into the exercise habit yet, but I will as soon as I can get Kip to go pick up my friend Pat’s treadmill. I used one back in the 90s when I got in 25 to 30 miles a week, either running or on the treadmill. I remember how good I felt then. I have bad knees now because of all that running, but I can still walk fast. Well, I can still walk.

Anyway, Kip and I have both been on the Nutrisystem eating plan since January 24th. I have learned a lot and as of this morning, I have lost 13 lbs. I haven’t lost anything in the last week. I blame that on not drinking the 64 oz. of water every day and of course, Kip hasn’t gone to get the treadmill. He is going in for an MRI in the morning for a bad hip, so I guess I should cut him some slack.

I love the new way of eating, and I am never hungry…I cook up a big pan of an assortment of veggies that looks different every night. I use olive oil spray, different light vinegars that I have found, and Mrs. Dash seasoning. I don’t use oil. I cook chicken in my air fryer/pressure cooker when I’m not eating the Nutrisystem entrée or trying one of the delicious recipes you can find on their site. I’ve also found them just by googling Nutrisystem recipe’s.

Here is what I made tonight… everything is easy. I don’t do difficult cooking. It never ends well.

I made Irish sods muffins yesterday. They have nonfat yogurt and almond milk in them. How does one milk an almond? The muffins on the left are bran muffins with a small handful of very dark chocolate pieces. They have eggwhites in them, and they’re really moist.

These baked cookies have 3 ingredients…bananas, rolled oats, and a smidgen of no sugar added apricot preserves.

And of course that brings me to the song of the day….30,000 Pounds of Bananas. This really got my heart rate up!!!! (Or maybe it was the Ginseng and lemon tea with almond milk I drank.)