Murdo Girl…She has been

It’s better to be a has been than to never have been at all. You get to feel the joy before you take the fall.

You see the smiling faces and laughter fills the air. And the feeling that you get…well, nothing can compare.

I guess nothing lasts forever. People come and go. I remember the wise words of Maya Angelou.

She said:

People won’t remember the things you said or did. They’ll think of how you made them feel instead.

Those full of self-importance miss important things. They don’t hear, see, or feel all the merriment life brings.

We should get out of our heads and listen to our hearts. They reveal a lot about life’s important parts.

Opinions of others are something I should mention. You will learn about yourself if you pay attention.

I might sound like a know it all, which I’m clearly not. I guess I must be one of those who talks a lot.

Though my advice is sage, take it with a grain of salt. If what I say is wrong, it’s really not my fault.

Do you catch my drift? It’s getting pretty deep. I tend to ramble on when I’m trying not to weep.

Murdo Girl has been and she enjoyed it all. She’ll most likely keep the crown, as it will ease the fall.

The seventies girl takes over to tell the tales of aging. I hope you’ll find her stories are equally engaging.

Maybe I’ll just wear hats like Queen E.

P.S. Lav is in her 70’s, too…stay tuned. Billy is also 70ish as are a host of other friends and relatives. I should have boucou followers.

For those of you not there yet? You can see how much fun getting older can be. And to all who are 80ish or 90ish or 100ish, you will be interviewed by Yram Sicnarf or Lav. I’m saying that in jest, of course. (Billy and I were comenting on how we can’t keep up with Gus who is 90ish.)

I sure wish someone would step up to the plate and become the new kid who shares stories about growing up in the wonderful and unique town of Murdo, SD…

Lav didn’t grow up all the way in Murdo…just part of the way
Is this for real???