That 70ish Girl…Billy’s 70isher Birthday

I think it’s great that my first 70ish blog will be published on my brother, Billy’s birthday. I think a birthday poem is in order…

On this very special day, I would really like to say

A few words…I’m thinking.

My mind must be shrinking.

I can’t think of A thing.

Baby Billy and Mom

We share the same mother. You’re my only brother.

The words must be somewhere.

My brain just won’t go there.

I just sit and stare.

You’re staring

You must be my favorite, so take that and savor it.

My thoughts are forthcoming.

My brain is now humming.

My fingers are strumming.

If this didn’t have to rhyme, I’d be done in no time.

It’s no Hallmark card.

What makes it so hard

To show my regard?

At the 1991 Murdo all school reunion

There are some amenities for those in their 70’s.

If I think of one

I can call this thing done.

If it’s a contest, I’ve won.

All kidding aside. Thanks for being on my side.

You are one of a kind.

More sister’s love you won’t find.

Now I have peace of mind.

I think the world of you. I know this to be true.

This is your day.

Do I love you? I’ll say!

Have a wonderful Birthday.

You are the best brother that ever was. You have also been a great friend and have given me more of yourself than I can ever appreciate. Thank you for always being there for long talks about life’s challenges and the even longer talks we share while retelling our funny family stories.

Must have told a funny family story

I love you, Brubby

Happy birthday from Sissy

Billy, Gus and I at Horse Creek spreading Mom’s ashes.

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  1. sanjuan831 July 28, 2022 / 1:23 pm

    This is a beautiful poem in honor of Bill and Birthday.


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