That 70ish Girl…Lav’s Story or Lavatory (haha)

Life at seventy is very close to the same as life at sixty-nine, but way different from life at sixty-eight. You will understand as we progress. I will be interacting with people of all ages and I think that will be an interesting experience for all of us.

I will have HUGE decisions to make during this decade. At what point, if ever, do I quite coloring my roots? It’s too expensive to have it done at the salon, so I do it my70ishself. After getting the dye all over the bathroom countertop, Kip thought it might be worth it to spend the money. He quickly changed his mind when I told him to budget an extra $200 a month. (I fudged a little.) I do okay, though sometimes I miss a spot, or several, and resemble Whistler’s mother with her gray hair peeking out from her cap.

I’m going to let Lav take over now. She has written a chronological essay of our trip to Deadwood and Murdo, South Dakota. It’s hilarious, but it all went down exactly as she depicts. First watch the extremely short film clip below followed by THE STORY.


I (Lav) thought nothing could compare to the parade in 2016  with the ride in a red convertible down Murdo’s Main Street, but our ride in the Jag semi-convertible was historic and FUN. Thanks to all those people for making it happen!

From the moment I landed in Rapid and you picked me up, (at first I didn’t recognize you, MG), and Billy said I looked like a hooker in my pink shoes, I knew it was going to be a memorable trip.

My Pink Shoes

Then I said how lucky he was to have such a great sister and Billy said, “Yeah, and she really likes you, although I can’t imagine why.” Boom! We were off to a wild ride in more ways than one.
Although I (Lav) was a bit worried after your wrong turn that night at the airport and you gave me the tour of the hangars and closed businesses which were all surrounded by prison-type fences- you and the tour guide drove me around several times in circles through parking lots and dark gates – it was worth it.

MG butts in…Lav also wrote what MG and Billy said…just sayin

When we finally got pointed in the right direction and on the way to Deadwood, Lav told us where she thought we should turn, how far we should go and in what direction. When we got her to Deadwood, she said, “Now what town is this?”

Then she said she was starving from only having chips and pretzels for dinner, and Billy said we would take her out for something to eat. He wanted to know if she brought other shoes.

Lav butts in…

Phsyco coffee for dinner

We went to a great casino where the kitchen was closed. Oh, well, it was all good chatting, gambling and having drinks with the tour group… except Gus, who was still back at the hotel

Breakfast the next morning? More on that later.

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  1. sanjuan831 July 29, 2022 / 9:34 am

    Thanks for giving Lav a chance, although maybe you should have left her in one of those hangars in some deserted parking lot.


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