That 70ish Girl…Mystery in Deadlumber by Lav

You are in for a treat! Lav wrote part 3 of our trip chronicles. I don’t know what happened to part 2, but she hasn’t called me back, so we will go with part 3. It makes sense to me. What? Wait! It’s a mystery…It all happened at the Martin and Mason Hotel in Deadlumber, SD.

P.S from part 1: Lav told me later that she indeed had no dinner after arriving in Deadlumber town that night , and MG took a hungry Lav downstairs the next morning  at the M & M Hotel for breakfast and true to the town’s name, it was Dead…Closed for breakfast lunch and dinner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But we did get free tea and coffee and Lav had about ten teeny tiny white half and half containers full.  Wonder what’s for lunch? FAST FORWARD TO THAT NIGHT

Lav’s Mysterious Story…(She writes in 3rd person. Spooky movie at the end.)

Lav was sleeping soundly that night in the plush bed with the extra soft silky blankets and plump cushy pillows at Cuz Blake’s boutique hotel in Deadlumber, SD when she thought she was in California. It was dark, it was quiet and it was a sweet night in the suite MG and Lav shared, when the bed began to quake – as in an earthquake – maybe jerk is a better word. Wait, she thought, I am in this luxurious bed and half asleep. I need my beauty sleep. Turning over, she went back to sleep. 

In the morning Lav looked in the mini fridge. What? The tacos from the night before were gone as were her half eaten bag of potato chips. Lav loves a mystery but this was too weird. Also, 3 cans of Berry flavored ginger ale sat on the kitchen counter. Whoa. Then  M G appeared from the staircase, half asleep. “I had rested leg syndrome last night. Sorry if I woke you up,”she said. “I was in such pain. My meds help but it took a while for them to kick in.” (Kick is right.)

“I was wondering why the bed was shaking and quaking, but glad you’re okay. Can we get ready and go eat downstairs?” Lav said.

As Lav got ready to finally go eat, she noticed her toothbrush was in a different place on the beautiful white marble bathroom sink counter and another strangely colored toothbrush had taken it’s place. Dang! This was a mysterious old hotel. Lav was intrigued. Who was this MG roomie and why did she disappear in the night? More importantly, where was she getting all the ginger ale? Nothing beats a good mystery.

WHAT? YOUR GOING TO STOP THERE? Talk about a cliffhanger. Does rested leg cause people to steal toothbrushes? Does it have anything to do with being 70ish? I guess we’ll have to hide and wait to hear the rest of the story.

We’re all kinds of scared

2 thoughts on “That 70ish Girl…Mystery in Deadlumber by Lav

  1. sanjuan831 July 29, 2022 / 9:45 pm

    The scary movie at the end adds so much and Rested Leg going up the stairs cracked me up! No head or feet. Yikes. The eerie music is perfect. How did you think of this…especially without a head!.Everybody loves a mystery. Great blog tonight. Kip and the dogs looked bored and not a bit frightened- oh well. They weren’t there that spooky night.


    • Mary Francis McNinch July 29, 2022 / 10:08 pm

      I know I won’t sleep tonight. What if I wake up with no head and no feet? A bad side effect of rested leg


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