That 70ish Girl…Lav’s story, Sightseeing in Deadlumber and Led

Lav blew right passed solving the mystery in part 2 or 3. We’ll get the rest of the story later. I really want to know who used her toothbrush and why MG lost her head and feet.

Meanwhile…Lav gives us Part4

Part 4. Our tour took us all over Historic Deadlumber on the first leg of our exciting journey. We could hardly contain ourselves.  Gus pointed out the Courthouse, which doubles as the Post Office.  We looked at many old buildings.
Finally, Lav got to eat breakfast on the third day. It was at a quaint place called the Pit Stop, an old gas station converted into a bagel haven. Lav had a bagel with egg and cheese, as did MG and the Guide. Gus had crunchy oatmeal with four sides- raisins, brown sugar, chopped nuts and a side of mushy oatmeal. We all snapped pictures and talked while waiting for our food to arrive. It all arrived in time for lunch. We deleted most of the pictures taken because MG and Lav decided they both looked hunched over, tired and too laid back in the photos. However, the tour guide flashed a big smile the entire time. Such a mysterious guy.

Gambling was next on the tour. Lav excused herself from the casino leg of the tour to go buy postcards and souvenirs.  But first the tour guide had to take a nap.

Lav didn’t want the excitement and hysterical fun times to end so she slipped into the Adams Museum. She rushed past the host asking for donations, because she knew this museum had always been free. Grandpa Sanderson had always told us that. She was shocked to see a valuable old poster hanging there on one wall.

Holy Plumbing Shop! Could it be…was it possible …it was there at Adams museum….the painting her cousins had searched years to find?

MG speaking…

Boy, that Lav sure likes cliffhangers. What cousins? Did they confirm it was really the painting that hung above Lois Jaide’s desk at Francis Plumbing and Heating? What was the name of the painting and what did it depict? There might be some clues in the movie.

2 thoughts on “That 70ish Girl…Lav’s story, Sightseeing in Deadlumber and Led

  1. sanjuan831 July 30, 2022 / 6:13 pm

    This story is fast paced and exciting. The musical score that accompanied the video is also fast paced and exciting. What next? Can we stand this thrilling adventure much longer?So was it the correct painting? Did Lav know what she was talking about when she saw the old Custer painting in the museum, or was she jumping to conclusions (like she usually does)?


    • Mary Francis McNinch July 30, 2022 / 6:30 pm

      I don’t lnow I can’t think. I’m too excited and thrilled to think and I have rested leg.


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