That 70ish Girl…Odrum pre All School Reunion Party

Later that week At the Odrum All School Party Reunion :

In the lobby of the tour group’s motel, Lav blurted out, “I had the BEST DREAM last night. We all actually met two angels thanks to cousin MG.” This was her dream:

“The Tour Guide got us safely to the Drive Inn on a cloud of white ice cream shakes with pink rhubarb mixed in. It was sticky but in a good way.  We floated inside the Drive Inn building. Cousin Greg greeted us and told us where to go.  Mist rose up from the floor smelling kinda like Lysol .  It was so dreamy our feet never touched the ground. We met two angels with silvery crowns and lovely faces smiling, waiting for us. They gave us gifts, crowns and offered us the best burgers in heaven. One angel was named Butterscotch and the other was Golfer Extraordinaire. They gave MG a shiny pink halo crown and talked to us like old friends meeting at the pearly gates. Just when we connected on a celestial level traveling beyond all mortals- like I have never experienced at Bed, Bath and Beyond – the dream ended. It was sad yet invigorating.

MG made it all possible. I will never forget that day spent with angels.”  Lav had tears in her eyes as she woke up in the old Chalet, ready to face another day on Earth.  Party on.

3 thoughts on “That 70ish Girl…Odrum pre All School Reunion Party

  1. grinchy44 August 2, 2022 / 2:46 pm

    You are both “Over the top.”


  2. sanjuan831 August 1, 2022 / 9:50 pm

    Such a funny video. This is dreamy good! I like how the Angels are featured because they are divine friends forever.


    • Mary Francis McNinch August 1, 2022 / 9:58 pm

      I love the way you wrote this episode, Cuz…it was just like floating on a rhubarb cloud…yum!


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