That 70ish girl…The Doll Museum by Lav and memories video

Prince Ken:  Who is that weird lady in the royal blue top
walking around looking at the old wagons and doll displays? How did she get in here? Do they let just any commoner in here now?

Picture added to complement the story

Bride Barbie:  I don’t know, but she
is about as old as the antique wagons.
Who is she fooling? No one said business casual on the invitation. She’s dressed in “old business swept under the rug casual”.

Barbie in blue and white gown: Right, how did they even let her In here?
It’s by special invitation only. I could reach out and touch her or maybe push her!  How can she dress like that and be out in public? Probably another sleezy tourist.  We only allow Guests in here.
Why didn’t someone tell her those pants are awful and faded in back? Besides this is a Royal Event.  What an embarrassment.

Clueless LAV:  (Thinking to herself.)
Maybe I can crawl up into one of these wagons and hide. Yeah, I could even take a nap in there! Plus I’ve seen enough. Dolls everywhere you look. Some are beautifully dressed.  Boy, these dolls look almost real. Spooky.  Hope I don’t get my jeans dusty and stretched out. I’ve only had them for 24 years.

Added the video below because we didn’t get enough photo’s of cousin Andrea’s truly amazing Doll Museum..The Long Barn…

We came to see the Dolls…
We wanted to see the dolls, too

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  1. sanjuan831 August 2, 2022 / 10:30 pm

    Man oh man I did not realize how much fun you are and how we keep meeting up. Such good dancers, too. We should crash other reunions and have more fun. We should visit the Long Barn again and do a video of it with narration by Andrea.


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