That 70ish Girl…Wild Night at the Gun Club

By Lav

MG and Lav were honored to be invited as guests to Billy’s 60 year graduation class dinner…. on one condition:
They knew meeting that #1 condition was no problem.  How could they ever embarrass anyone!? Ridiculous.

 MG and Lav decided they must look classy and chic first of all, so they coordinated their outfits to be both stylish and comfortable. Their hair and makeup must be perfect. MG styled her lovely, short-do in a curly style. She paired a queen-like dress with sparkly pink flats, (yes, flats). Her belt served also as a dog collar and leash in case any loose dogs wandered by. She donned a knitted cap because it was a bad hair night.

 Lav wore her long hair straightened with one side swept up and back over one ear.  She tried to highlight her best ear, the smaller one. Her dress was from a used second and third hand clothing store. It was a black long dress with short sleeves and mandarin collar with red flowers and butterfly designs. Lav liked butterflies. Butterflies are Free.  She wore open toed glittery heels that glowed in the dark. Those could come in handy during a blackout.

After many half hour’s of getting ready, the ladies were ready to make their entrance as Billy dropped them off with Gus Wonderworthful.  As they strolled into the gun club, no one looked up. No one snapped their picture. They glided over to an empty table.  Bill on the other hand was greeted the minute he walked in. His old school friends escorted him to a special table for grads from 1962. A video loop of the stars from his class was featured up in front.   MG and Lav sat at a table across the aisle from Bill so they could keep their eye on him.

 MG decided to draw some attention to her cause and tried to nail her banner up on the main wall with Lav’s help,  but Willy Wally Wonka who organized the dinner soon told MG to take it down. Bill glanced over at this point but kept talking to old athletes and pals. He seemed to look a bit embarrassed.

MG said to Lav, “Let’s mingle after we get our food. We need to recruit fans for the parade tomorrow! Maybe we can even make front page in the Coyote.”

Some young 4H kids then brought the dinners served on styrofoam plates.
Lav was happy she hadn’t paid $35 for dinner and didn’t need to steal any extra helpings. Many people came by to chat with MG noting that she was lucky to have Billy for a brother. Willy Wally Wonka kept asking MG and Lav if they were having fun. “Ask us that tomorrow when we steal the show at the parade.” (Gus kinda frowned with a warning look to MG.)

“Ohh, you’re going to be in the big parade?” Wilma Winnie Wonka asked.
“Yes, and we got a nice invitation from the gal in charge. Have you met her? MG asked, “She has one looong dark thick eyebrow?”

“Uh, no. I haven’t met her, “ Mrs. Wonka answered.

“You’d know her if you saw her,” MG said. “ Her eyebrow stands out.”

As the chocolate and vanilla cake was served, Lav took one piece of each. One piece fell on the floor. As one kid walked by, picking up plates, he slipped on the frosting, falling over. This caused chain reaction and several empty chairs fell over. One chair hit Lav and she fell over, breaking a heel of her glow in the dark shoes. MG tried to catch her but knocked the entire table over. Food flew into the air landing on Mr. and Mrs. Wonka. Luckily, it was mostly chocolate cake which they were used to from their factory days.  The mess was huge. Everyone was staring.

MG and Lav decided to exit quickly trying not to draw anymore attention.
They were both glad they hadn’t embarrassed Bill.

“Now what?” MG asked. “We can’t walk all the way into town. The heel is broken on one of your glow in the dark shoes and I have chocolate frosting in my teeth. We aren’t going to recruit fans or catch a ride looking like we do. We have to look and sound classy and stuff.”

“Yeah,” Lav said. “I know. I’ll break the heel off of my other shoe and you can just keep your mouth shut so your teeth don’t show.”

“That’s what I like about you, Lav. You’re a real problem solver. Let’s go. I’ll thumb a ride and you do all of the talking.”

And so, another day in the life of MG and Lav ends. Luckily a guy drove up and said, “Do you want some candy, girls?” Though their mother’s had always told them to never take candy from strangers, they decided to take a chance and they hopped in. In no time at all, they were back at the Chalet turned into the Range Country Lodge. And it wasn’t even dark yet.

One thought on “That 70ish Girl…Wild Night at the Gun Club

  1. sanjuan831 August 6, 2022 / 11:05 pm

    This is beyond fantastic. Thank goodness the candy man got MG and Lav back to the Chalet.
    The video was hilarious. Maybe Lav wrote this but MG tweaked it perfectly and produced the video. It’s not over yet.


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