That 70ish Girl…It’s easy till it’s not

By Lav

MG asked me to think up a few advantages to being 70ish.

First of all, have you ever done something embarrassing but then later you don’t really care?
Like Lav stealing another dinner at the All School Reunion Luncheon and getting caught by Flash Winterbottom. She didn’t seem to care even when the Feds were onto her. Chalk it up to being 70ish. She got off Scott free.

Then you have to acknowledge older people lying about their age. Some people can’t stand being 70ish.  MG even said she’s the new 40. Really? Older people often try to look younger.  Imagine that. MG’s hair is dyed dark black. I think there’s more than just her hair that’s dark! She’s also in the dark because the other day she started writing a new song and did a video of herself singing in the dark! She even thought she could sing. So you can get away with lying when you’re old.

Also, when you get older you cannot multi task as well.  Take our tour guide for example. He tried talking to his old friends at the special dinner for 1962 grads, smiling and joking! But he didn’t even help MG, Lav and Gus Wonderworthful at the next table when we all slipped and chairs, tables, food and drinks flew everywhere. He couldn’t talk and help us so he just announced to the hundreds of people in attendance that he didn’t know us.

He got away with it, too.

Getting old of course means creaky bones and aches and pains. Lots of physical ailments. Not easy getting older but at least with old age, like fine wine, we get better, wiser and more importantly forgetful. ~You mean wine helps us forget? I don’t know. I forget.~

Til we meet again whoever you are, just keep aging. It’s easy til it’s not.

One thought on “That 70ish Girl…It’s easy till it’s not

  1. sanjuan831 August 10, 2022 / 8:25 pm

    Hilarity overflow here. Love the pictures. Especially the pic of you and your Mom on your way to the Mayflower!


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