Those 70ish Girls…How about that?

Age is a state of Lav.

WORDS:  Grandpa SANDERSON would use the word “deal” like when he couldn’t stop to think of the right word he’d say, “You just turn that deal to the right,” or “…it’s the deal you use to make the window open”. 
You can just say “thingy “ or “stuff” if you can’t remember a certain term.

DOCTORS:  At this age you’re probably visiting doctors and dentists a lot. Your calendar is filled with dates and the time of your appointments. My parents used to do a dry run to find the new doctor’s offices a few days before their appointment so they wouldn’t waste time searching – this was long before gps. They lived in a crowded area and streets in their area would have a name then when that street went into a different county, the street name would change. So Ball Road might change into Wood Street. Plus the extra trip gave them a challenge and something to do. They used maps to help them.

MG: Tell me about it. I drove my sister-in-law’s MG to your house and I stopped at a filling station to see if I was going in the right direction. The attendant said yes, so I called you and said I would be there in a few minutes. The filling station guy must have thought I pulled in from the other direction because I kept going. The next time I called you it was long distance. I finally made it hours late, said hello and turned around and drove back to LA.

Yeah, tell me about it…wake me up when she finishes her story…

My friend who recently fought cancer and had chemo, stem cell treatment and lots of meds was told by her oncologist to “abstain”. She told him at 75 she didn’t really have much going on in her sex life and the doc said, “No, Marie, I mean no smoking, alcohol or recreational drug use.”

DISCOUNTS:  Also, at 70ish your dinner gets started early so you can eat and clean up the dishes before bedtime. Plus you don’t want a lot of heavy food in your stomach before 8:00 pm bedtime. My cousin MG and her husband eat dinner around 4:30 pm and their daughter called one time at 4:00 asking, “Oh, sorry, am I disturbing your dinner?”

MG: The sad thing is, she was. I think we were having creamed corn on toast.

Early bird dinner discounts are a help with the budget, but start kinda late for some of us. During the pandemic, seniors where I live got their own special shopping hour at 6:00 am. It was viewed as a badge of honor.

MG: They opened our malls at 6:00 am so the seniors can fast walk. I probably should do that. What did you say you got at the mall, Cuz?

Sure hope he can walk fast…or did you just find a cool hat?

Coupons and senior discounts are also so much fun. My mom and Aunt Loretta would bask in double coupon days. Who could save the most money?

Mum must have found a double coupon

Our dentist gives senior discounts. My husband went recently and I asked if he got a discount. “Yes,” he said. “On my bill for $5000 I got ten bucks off.”

My husband’s grandma used to say, “It’s hell to get old.” It’s a challenge but all that keeps life interesting.

Lav hopes when she kicks the bucket, she goes early in the morning so as not to cut into the rest of her day.

MG: Maybe we can kick the same bucket Cuz