Murdo Girl…Snow fun in Texas

I woke up one morning to falling snow. Soon a cold wind began to blow.

Out our window yesterday

Was I the only one in the neighborhood who didn’t see this as something good?

When we lived on the lake..Kip said no to the snow

You see, I was raised in South Dakota. No more snow, please!!! I’ve had my quota.


I remember those days in December, or November and yes… even in September.

I wanted to make the most of those days. My friends reacted with nays not yeahs.

I walked up Courthouse Hill carrying my sled, when my friends saw me, they turned and fled.


My friends were all on the woosie side. “It’s much too cold outside,” they cried.

I was the first one to put on my skates. “Come on,” I shouted. “The ice awaits.”

Figure skaters need lots of practice. We can’t let the cold and snow distract us.

“Hurry,” I shouted. “Before the snow melts, let’s build snowmen with hats, coal eyes, and black belts.”

On snowy days my playmates became inmates. They would hide inside.

I would go home… my face in a pout, and tell my mom those kids wore me out.

One time she misunderstood what I said. She thought I was sick and sent me to bed.

When I woke up the next morning and looked out the window, expecting to see more wind and snow…

I saw the sun. It was something to behold, but in bed I stayed. I had a bad cold.

Now do you get why I’ve had enough… of bitter cold and all the white stuff?

But…if it snows more and you come to my door, and ask me to play outside I will go… and make snow angels in the snow.

I’ll skate like I’m an Olympiad, make snowballs and throw them like I’m mad not glad

Come on over and soon you will know how much I love to play in the snow

Yes, when God made me, he broke the mold…Oh wait!

I think I’m getting a cold.


Sledding in Texas



Murdo Girl…She’s floored.. and a little bit “alldumb”

Remember when Kip first brought up the idea of a tiny home? I almost cried at the thought of moving again. I love our location and I love our small house…except the floor. I have always hated the floor. Now I have a new floor. I didn’t know if I liked it at first, but it’s growing on me. Unlike the other flooring, this floor will be virtually maintenance free, and with three dogs and a cat, that is a huge plus in my book.

Taken a few days ago

We almost have the house cleaned from top to bottom. Kip has a couple more touch ups to finish on the trim before we can completely put everything in order. We have the sun room to clean too. It’s great extra space, but we hardly ever use it.

The beauty of this whole deal is, everything that doesn’t fit our new minimalist lifestyle is packed away in storage. I know…I know, we will have to deal with it again one of these days, but as far as I’m concerned, the kids can take what they want and we’ll donate the rest to the church garage sale. Half of the boxes already have “church garage sale” marked on them, anyway. Except for my Beasterhops. I have to have my Beasterhops. They’re packed away with my dolls and stuffed animals. I wrote poems and stories about all of that stuff. I have to keep them and write more poems and stories.

When we sell the house, It will be a snap to move out. Our last move from a big two-story house was a nightmare. Even so, in the three years we have been in this house, we accumulated more than we should have. We will keep most of the living room furniture, but there are three pieces I am going to have a difficult time giving up. Unfortunately, they won’t fit in a tiny home. I’m anxious to hide and watch while Kip pares down his well equipped garage and the storage unit behind it. That’s probably when the real tears will flow.

It will probably be a good thing for me not to be three blocks from the Goodwill Store. That has proven to be a little too convenient.

I’m happy we will still be spending most of our time in this area. We really enjoy being with our friends and we love our Church. We are looking forward to spending the hot summer months somewhere cooler. It will be great if this all works out. It’s the unknowns of the future that can sometimes be the wild card.

I’m keeping my crowns too. I love these three great friends..Pat, LJ, and Jean

As soon as the impending bad weather passes, we will be out hunting for lots again. We will go ahead and put our house on the market. If we sell it before we’re ready, we’ll just have to live in the RV a while longer. I keep thinking of Jim and Mary Ann living in the tiny home in the RV park. They’ve been there two and a half years and seem to really love the lifestyle.

Here is another model we like…The Trinica. We would change a few things…like the backsplash, and there wouldn’t be a loft which will add to the floor space in the kitchen. Where the loft is in the photos, there would be high, open ceilings. I would like the neat walk-in shower I showed you in last week’s pictures.


In the near future, I am going to do a Connie’s Story bonus chapter. A few people have said they wish I had gone into the history a bit more. I have to agree, so stay tuned for that development.

I am going to attend the Jones County Reunion in Mesa, Arizona in February. Val is going too. My brother, Billy, and our step-dad , Gus, are meeting us there. They went last year and had a great time. I will do my best to relay every spoken word to all of you who hail from anywhere near Jones County, South Dakota. I have three other functions looming (around here) that promise to be a hoot, but I can’t tell you about them yet. Please hang in there with me. I need all of you plus some more. I’m a very self sufficient person, but a very needy blogger.

I have another favor to ask of any of you who have read, We Shall See what We Shall See, Connie’s Story, and/or Dakotah’s Story. I need your honest opinions… or you can say you’re speaking for a friend. Please review the books on Amazon, good or bad. I can take a bad review better than silence. 

Mom had a word she used when someone she thought wasn’t very bright had a flash of smartness. She would say, “Well, their not alldumb.” I’m not sure that word applies tonight, Mom.1-1-6Sanderson Color

This meeting is now adjourned. Stay warm and well.



Murdo Girl…Give her $5.00 and she puts it on her or in her

One bit of advice Mom often shared with me was to accept compliments gracefully. In other words, if someone tells you they love your dress, just say, “Thank you. Don’t say, “This old thing?”

She also said not to blurt out how cheap something is. No one needs to know that bit of information. She, however, didn’t follow her own advise. I’ll give you an example. 

Several years ago, when Mom came to Texas for a visit, she got to see two of my son, Craig’s, high school football games. He had played three years on a youth team with a group of boys, who now played on his high school team. Consequently, I knew the other mothers we sat with at the game quite well. They were all really nice…and very wealthy. 

The first game I took Mom to was a nail biter. We thought we were going to lose when out of nowhere we saw one of our guys running down the field with the ball. We were all clapping and yelling as he put more daylight between him and the other team. We were pretty excited when Craig’s team won the game. 

It wasn’t until I was at work the next morning that I noticed the diamond had fallen out of my wedding ring. I was just sick about it. Two of my work friends took me to the high school football field where we crawled around under the bleachers searching for the little stone, but it was not to be found. 

That night I told Mom and Kip that I was going to the mall to have a cubic zirconium stone put in my ring setting. We didn’t have a lot of extra money to replace the diamond, so I thought it was a good solution. I didn’t really care if it didn’t have a real diamond in it anyway. I just wanted to wear my ring. 

The next night, when we got to the second game, Mom looked at all the rich moms and yelled, “You all have to see Mary’s ring!! She put a fake diamond in it and it only cost her forty dollars.”

I had that “fake” diamond in my ring setting for twenty years. Kip had it replaced for my birthday not too many years ago.

Why did I tell you that long story? It’s because I’m about to give it up again. 

Today, Kip had to go to a couple of places to look for a replacement for one of the blinds that broke when he was cleaning it. I rode along and asked him to drop me off at a local thrift store that I very seldom frequent. They were having a ‘pay by the pound’ sale.

Here are pictures of what I got for $6.50. 

This sweater is what I would call a sage green color. The quality is very good. I threw it in the washer and dryer and it came out beautifully.

This navy blue, (wool), pea coat was part of my “pay by the pound” purchase. The long sleeved T-shirt, grey jeans, scarf and ankle boots are all Goodwill purchases. 


Here are some other things I have purchased in the past several months. Everything I’m wearing except the brown boots is a thrift store purchase. All were new or nearly new.

Remember I told you when we got our house finished, we were going to be minimalists? We intend to keep it very simple and uncluttered. I’m using all white pieces I bought at Goodwill for 2-3 dollars to stage our living room.

I will post more pictures when we’ve totally finished with the cleaning and have it all put back together. We’re hoping that will be tomorrow night.

I was sick most of the day. In fact, I managed to take a two hour nap, and felt a whole lot better when I woke up. I hope the sick feeling I’ve been struggling with is behind me.

I have things to report and new ideas to write about, but first things first, right? 

One last comment. I think Mom would have been proud of my $6.50 purchase and blabbed it to the world. She always said, “If Mary has $5.00, she puts it on her or in her.” She was right, but the way I shop, clothes are cheaper than food. new slippers too!

Murdo Girl…If you’re going to tell a story, make it good or forget 2..Billy’s version

I wasn’t going to write a blog tonight because I figured you were tired of hearing about our back-breaking efforts to clean up our small house mess. It will be several more days before we will be able to see the light at the end of the powdery dust that gets into everything, tunnel.

I only got three little breaks today. We braved the freezing cold to go to McDonald’s for breakfast, then on to shop for new bathroom towels and rugs. The second break was a quick trip to Dollar Gentril to buy some Fabuloso. Dollar Gentril is right next door to Goodwill, so I stuck my head in there to say hi to my friends, and check out the newer old merchandise.

I perked up the small bathroom a little

The third break was when my brother, Billy, called. I kind of thought I would hear from him today. I was a little fuzzy on the details about Mom’s early room-renting days. Billy told me to get a pen and take notes.

First of all, there were two signs directing people to our house…one at the end of our street by Highway 16, and one in front of the house.

Billy said we all slept downstairs and the tourists stayed upstairs. I told him I specifically remembered the roll-away beds downstairs. He told me they were for us to sleep on.

I guess I didn’t tell the part about Dad waking him up to ask where Mom was right either. Billy said he was coming out of a  dream and he told Dad she was at the Murdo house. The one that had six or eight rooms in it.”

Dad was really confused about that and he continued to question Billy, which is why Billy started crying. Dad was trying to make sense out of what he was saying, and Billy was getting his information from the dream he just had.

Billy and Mary… when we lived at the new house

Let me look at my notes here…

The very first night, a nice couple rented one of the upstairs rooms. The husband and Dad started talking and one thing led to another. A fun evening was had by all. Unfortunately, it was at our expense and since we only charged five dollars a night, we lost money.

Billy said we rented out our bedrooms because we needed money to buy drapes, which was apparently a real motivator. We also needed a sidewalk. We had wood planks leading from our house to the street. One night, two very well-heeled women rented a room and when one of the ladies went back to the car to get her suitcase, she decided to take a shortcut to the door and walked through a bunch of mud. (We hadn’t put the lawn in yet either.) She sunk her well-heeled foot up to her ankles in South Dakota gumbo. It was the kind of soil that if dry, would have very deep cracks in it. Billy said he stuck a hose in one of those cracks and left it running all day. It never did fill up.

Al Leckey, Bill Francis, Jerry Miller

One night Uncle Al and Mr. Brost came over to visit with Dad. They had to talk downstairs because we had tourists upstairs. After a while, one of them started playing songs on the jukebox. We had all kinds of forty-five records which they played loudly. Billy said he was in his room and he heard the McGuire Sisters singing the same song over and over again. The jukebox had so much power, you could hear it all the way to Draper. I forgot to write down the song, but it might have been “Just for Old Times Sake.” I remember their song, “Sugar in the Morning, Sugar in the Evening, Sugar at Suppertime.”


Mom had rented the upstairs rooms to two couples. They all left in the middle of the night. Billy said they didn’t even ask for their five dollars back.

Mom got some real nice drapes and eventually, Dad put in a sidewalk, but we never did have a lawn. Fortunately, the weeds grew thick and green, so we just mowed them down.

1-download (42)

We had an old push mower and weeds like in the picture. Once, Mom was mowing at the motel and hit a rock. Her foot got caught in the mower and it cut half of two toes off. (She was wearing sandals.)

When we lived at the new house, Mom grew flowers in the planter under the picture window and she had a spearmint plant beside the front steps. You could always smell spearmint gum when you walked past that plant in the summertime.

I know what Loretta-ism Billy and I would hear if Mom was around. “If you’re going to tell a story make it good or don’t tell it!”  It’s the same one I heard her say the other night, but we tell a story a minute in our family. Mom also said, “I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate.”

Talk to you tomorrow, Billy…THE END

Murdo Girl…I wasn’t made to work hard

I worked my tail off today…so did Kip. We cleaned the RV before we left the park this morning, and then headed for the small house. Sometimes it’s better not to know what lies ahead.

We brought everything inside and dropped it wherever. I started washing all the rugs and bedding from the RV before we began surveying the state of the small house. 

I felt crummy all day, but made the decision to ignore it. 

Here are a few before pictures.

I made them go by fast and you can’t begin to see all of the dirt. Every cupboard in the kitchen and it’s contents had to be cleaned. I worked for six hours without a break and I’m only halfway through it all. I took the opportunity to clean the fridge too, since it was empty.

Kip got the television hooked up and finished the wiring for the recliners. The wiring is now under the floor. I’m kicked back in my recliner right now. 

I think I’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome. 

We went to Cochran’s Cafeteria for chicken fingers which stopped the momentum. I have some peach cobbler in the fridge, but right now it doesn’t sound good, which confirms…

 I am very sick.

This is really a lovely story isn’t it? I’ll try to take it in another direction.

My mom didn’t work when I was growing up and she hated housework. She never made me do much cleaning either. The house we lived in until I was eleven was a ranch style with a big finished basement. 

Standing in front of the new house. Aunt Elna Miller is on the left, then Andrea, Mom with her arms around Greg, Aunt Ella Leckey, I don’t know who the next three are. Stephanie Miller and I are standing in front of my horse.

One summer, Mom noticed there were a lot of tourists driving around town looking for a motel. All of the rooms in town were rented. There was no more room at the inn…except in our basement. 

My brother’s room was downstairs, and there were also two big open areas that had some couches and chairs in them. Mom got some rollaway beds, some extra towels for Billy’s bathroom, and opened up for business. I can’t really remember how she found the tourists and convinced them to stay at our house, and I don’t remember a sign in the yard. My guess would be she drove around in her car and flagged them down. I suppose she got some referrals from other motels once they were full. She loved the extra cash. As far as I remember, Billy didn’t have to rent his room out…most of the time.

Thus began Mom’s career. Dad had a lot of plumbing and heating jobs out of town. He discovered Mom’s “business” when he came home one night and the basement was full of strangers. He woke Billy up and asked him where Mom and Mary were. Billy started crying because Dad woke him up, and said we were at the new house, which is what we called that house. Mom and I were in our rooms upstairs.

Eventually, we built a real motel, which Mom ran brilliantly. Years later, she married Gus, and he did the hard work. By that time it needed painting and other updates. I remember Gus refinished all the doors.

Mom sitting on the brick planter at the motel. She grew beautiful patunias and marigolds every year…or tomatoes.

Mom didn’t do hard physical labor unless you count loading up all the dirty towels in her trunk and hauling them to the laundromat every morning. She turned out to be a shrewed businesswoman though.

It must be time for me to go to bed, I’m not tired anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. Our house was pretty clean most of the time. She hired one of my cousins or her friend, Roni to do the periodic heavy cleaning.

A motel keeps you tied down. You give up summer vacations and can’t take many days off. I was in my twenties and living in Wyoming when Mom and Gus sold the motel. They bought a travel trailer and took off for parts unknown.

 As I was filling up buckets of soapy water and using every complaining muscle I have, I could see Mom looking at me sideways and shaking her head. “I wasn’t made to work hard,” she said.

Mom and I in front of the new house a few years after she started renting out our basement.

Murdo Girl…Her eyes look like two burnt holes in a blanket.

I’m tired. I haven’t been able to stay asleep for the last couple of nights. I  guess I forgot that allergy medications keep me awake. I thought a persistent headache was due to allergies, and decided the headache was worse than the side effects of the medication. I was wrong. No sleep is the side effect and it’s worse.

It’s hard for me to think right when I’m sleep deprived. I wait all day to go back to bed. You see, I can’t take naps. There are two things that wake me right up…trying to take a  nap, and going to bed early. Kip will say he’s going to sit in his recliner and take a fifteen minute nap. He’s asleep before he can finish the sentence and wakes up at the specified time. Don’t even get me started on the dogs and cat.

I wasn’t going to write a blog tonight because of my….uh, my…I forgot what I was thinking. Mom used to say, “If you can’t remember what you were going to say, it must have been a lie.” Well, Mom, if that’s true the older I get the more lies I tell.
I hate to be caught in a falsehood. I remember making a spinach dip for my sister-in-law’s Thanksgiving dinner. My nephew made a comment that it was really good. In fact, he loved it. I just haaad to go and say it was my own special recipe. One I had developed over the years. He frowned at me, and then got up and walked to the kitchen. He came back with a Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix. The recipe for my dip was on the back. He said, “Other people make your spinach dip, Aunt Mary.”

“But I use only the freshest ingredients,” I mumbled.

He turned the package over to read the recipe. It called for mayo, frozen spinach, buttermilk, and the powdered Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix.

I don’t do that anymore. I just tell everyone who likes what I bring to potlucks that I know where to buy good food.

 I remember Mom telling Billy she made the cherry turnovers he loved, from scratch. Then he found the empty box that had held four frozen cherry turnovers. It was in the garbage. He was very upset, but not as mad as he was when he caught her putting a raw egg in his hot chocolate. It wasn’t bad for you to eat raw eggs back then. Mom thought he needed an egg each morning and he wouldn’t eat a cooked one.

Is pretending the same as lying? No, I don’t think so.

I remember what I was going to write about tonight. Have you ever put your foot in your mouth? When we were at our Tuesday dinner last night, a good friend said to me,”Your hair looks really cute tonight, Mary…Did you wash it?”

Of course she didn’t mean it like it sounded. She realized what she had said right away. It’s usually worse when you try to walk it back. I jumped in and told her that yes, I had washed my hair right before we came to dinner. She told me it was really shiny.

I went to Wyoming to visit my son and his family. I was so excited to see everyone. When we got to their house, I walked in and everything looked wonderful. I said, “Boy, your house looks great! You must have worked for a week to make it look this nice.”

The awful thing was, I didn’t even realize what I had said until I looked at my daughter-in-law’s face. She didn’t get where I was coming from, because I would never say such a thing even if it was true, and it most certainly wasn’t.

Amy’s house always looks perfect and so organized.

I felt terrible and I couldn’t think of a thing to say that wouldn’t make what I said sound worse. I think I apologized and said I hadn’t slept well for a couple of nights.


We were busy for most of today researching areas for a possible tiny home site. We didn’t return the call to the realtor we were referred to, and I didn’t call the other “realtor connection” either. We decided to concentrate on putting our house together. Monday, we will begin again.

So, tomorrow we will pack up our teeny house and move back into the small house. I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep. If that doesn’t happen, I’m sure to hear Mom say, “Your eyes look like two burnt holes in a blanket.”

I guess my hair is kinda shiny…

Murdo Girl…If you can’t make a story interesting, then don’t tell it.

I titled yesterday’s blog, “As happy as if she had good sense.” This is one of the Loretta-isms Mom often used. Translated into today’s lingo, it means something like, “She goes through life unscathed even though she’s clueless.”

My brother, Billy, and I once wrote down all of the Mom metaphors we could think of. Mom was phrase prolific. She had an idiom for every story that required her to give it her own bit of flavor. When I have completed this post, I will name it with another of Mom’s isms. I will be able to see her shake her head and give me a sideways glance as she gives my post a cryptic analysis.

Kip and I took our time this morning. I didn’t sleep very well, so I wasn’t looking forward to doing mundane chores like laundry. The day was warm enough but dreary, which didn’t add to our energy level. By lunchtime, we were pretty caught up with things, so we started looking online for lots in the Cedar Creek area. Kip also called the real estate agent referral we were given and left a message, but we haven’t heard back from him.

We found a lot in Log Cabin that sounded great. The ad showed pictures of all the lake amenities and made it seem as though it was in sort of a resort area. It was also reasonably priced, so we decided to go look at it.

wp-image-1977374939jpg.jpg This was the good part of the neighborhood.

When you are driving in an area and there are houses that would better be described as shelters, and there are signs all over that say, “No Trespassing…Keep Out,” you know it might not be the best place to settle down. As we locked our car doors and headed back to the main road, we realized we hadn’t seen any signs of life other than a dog standing near the road…watching us.

We were about to ditch the idea of looking around anymore, when we came across some lots in a subdivision in Eustace. We headed that way and found them in minutes. The lots are in a pretty good area and they are about the size we want…a quarter acre. They are all heavily wooded, and don’t have any utilities to them, which would really increase the money we would have to invest. It might still be a possibility if we could get the lot price reduced enough, but I think we can do better.

Lake Vista Village...Eustace, TX

Tomorrow, we will try again to touch base with the realtor Kip called today, or get another referral. We went to our regular Tuesday night group dinner, and our friends, Pat and Jerry, suggested we contact someone they know who has a lot of contacts in the Eustace area. It’s probably wiser to tap into other people’s knowledge of a town than to go off on our own. It’s 328 miles around Cedar Creek Lake and there are several different communities for us to check out. We have only just begun.

On another note, we stopped by the “small home” and the flooring job was almost finished. All they have left to do is finish some of the trim. The lady they lined up to clean everything is supposed to finish tomorrow too. We will all move back in on Thursday morning. There will still be a lot to do to put it all back together.

wp-image-996801043jpg.jpgI like it, but I’m not in love with it. I guess I should reserve judgement until we get all the furniture back in place and add the touches that make it homey. You are the only ones I have said anything to. I didn’t want Kip to know I’m a little nervous. I’m the one who picked the flooring out. I’m sure it will be fine. At the most, we’ll just have to paint the walls…and the kitchen cabinets, but don’t say anything, please.

3-IMG_0409 My Aunt Ella, Aunt Helen, and Mom…

Mom is looking sideways and I can just hear her say to her sisters, “I told Mary, if the story isn’t interesting, don’t tell it.” Translated…”If you’re going to tell a story make it interesting, (adlib), or forget it!”

One of Mom’s greatest talents was knowing how to tell a good story and she always knew when to forget it.


Did you know there was a Machiavellian Cabinet plot in the 30’s that would have DENIED the Queen the throne, left her a lowly Duchess of Edinburgh and made William and Harry COMMONERS??

She looks cluelesswp-1515563736385.jpg


Murdo Girl…Happy as if she had good sense.

We had to drive to Dallas this morning for a doctor’s appointment so that cut into our day a little bit. We hadn’t really mapped out our ongoing strategy, anyway. It was a beautiful sunny day, so when we got back to the RV around noon, we took the dogs over to the Bark Park for some exercise. Later, our friends, Ron and Barbara, came over to visit and see what improvements had been made to Texan’s RV Park. They’re RVers too. We decided to drive over to Athens and show them all of the model tiny homes we had been telling them about.

Each time we go look, we leave thinking we have decided on the one we like the best, and then when we go back to look again, we change our minds. Maybe it’s a good thing this is looking like it will take some time.

These two models are our current favorites. Which one do you think should be Kip and MG’s Stunted Manor? (I stole the name from Queen E. She is going to live in “Bucking Bacon” which is a miniature replica of Buckingham Palace, only more rustic.

The Meadowview



The Bishop 2


These photos don’t really do them justice, but let us know which one you like best.

I never did do the wash the other day so we’re going to do that in the morning. The salesman we see almost every day, gave us the name of a real estate agent that might be able to help us find a lot. We’ll try to get in touch with him in the afternoon.

The floor guys will finish up with the trim in the small house tomorrow. We have someone lined up to help us clean on Wednesday and we will most likely move back in on Thursday.

Kip said not to worry. No matter what, we were going to find a lot to put our Stunted Manor on. He wanted to know if I had ever thought about moving to Alaska.

He doesn’t know my new mantra for 2018 is, “Life shouldn’t be a struggle.” I’m trying hard to remember I don’t have to push the river, it flows. Besides…tiny igloos? It’s not gonna happen.


This is Buck and Bacon. I can’t decide which one to ride. Which one would you pick?

Murdo Girl…The more she learns the less she knows

It’s Sunday evening and I’m late writing this post because I have been online looking for lots. It seems the more we learn, the less we know about the things you have to think about before purchasing a lot for a tiny home.

We were talking with a sales person who was giving us a tour of some model TH’s, and he showed us a home that some people had paid cash for only to find out the subdivision they bought the lot in had square footage restrictions. The price of the tiny home had been greatly reduced.

I think I said in another blog that because the tiny home is under 400 square feet in size and has wheels and axles, it is classified as a recreational vehicle. That is turning out to be a blessing and a curse. The blessing is there is no property tax on the unit. The curse is it’s more difficult than we first thought to find a suitable lot to purchase. We really want to buy rather than lease the lot, but I don’t think we should put our house on the market until that  problem is resolved. I looked online today and found several lots listed with realtors. We will begin researching them this week. We hope to move back into our small house Wednesday. Then we’ll have to tackle the dirt and dust everywhere. It has sifted through the doors that have been closed, and inside the kitchen cabinets. I get a headache just thinking about it.

A lot of tiny home owners rent lots in a tiny home community. The only one we have found close to the Mabank/Cedar Creek Lake area is in Canton about twenty miles from here. We will check that out too for another option to consider.

Nix that idea. I just spent about an hour researching Mill Creek Resort in Canton. It’s beautiful, but they don’t offer full-time living. It’s a vacation home and rental community. I didn’t find any information on the cost, but I’m not going to spend anymore time investigating because it’s not what we are looking for.

We are not giving up. We will be such experts on tiny homes by the time we reach our goal, we will be able to write a how-to book. It will sell because when all the kinks get worked out, tiny homes will be even more in demand. They are sure moving them off the lot in Athens at a rapid pace. Kip said some of the sold homes are going into a community, but they usually don’t allow any other improvements, like an RV port. I see some compromises up ahead.

I try not to get too far into the future. How many times do our plans work out like we think they will? That’s why it’s important for us to do our due diligence. We’re far too long in the tooth to make costly mistakes.

Maybe my next pursuit should be to contact HGTV. Since Chip and JoJo are leaving, Kip and I could slip right into their spot. I’ve been trying to think of a name for the series. How about, Kip and MG’s Puny Pad, or Kip and MG Living Little…

1455654197246 (1)

Now who wouldn’t want us as neighbors?

The gardener, the cook, the crazy relative, the party planner, the maid


I’m going to live in a stunted manor




Murdo Girl…Our tiny home adventure cont.

Good morning! We are having a lazy Saturday morning here in RVville. We found out yesterday that we’ll be here until Tuesday afternoon. When the floor guys tore out the wood floor, they found tile underneath that had to come up. They also had to smooth out the concrete a little. There is no hyperventilating going on here. We’re staying busy and we’ve had great weather the past couple of days.

Here I am kicking back. Love my new GW slippers.

After a good nights sleep. The fur babies needed a nap.

I told you, yesterday, about the tiny house in the rv park. Jim and Mary Ann invited us in to take a look at it. (Maybe they were tired of looking out their windows and seeing us standing outside staring at their house.)

They had it custom built 2.5 years ago and they love it! I didn’t take a lot of pics because I didn’t want to appear rude.

They have an electric fireplace on their deck. They told us it keeps them toasty while they sit out on the deck every morning drinking coffee and watching the ducks on the pond.

Mary Ann is an artist. She has her studio up in the loft area.

Jim and Mary Ann told us they researched tiny houses and builders for two years before they decided on Diamond Park Homes. They are a custom TH builder located in Alba, TX, which is about an hour’s drive from here. We loaded up the dogs and after a quick lunch stop in Athens we headed for Alba. 

Since they don’t cookie cut models, they didn’t have one to show us, but we got a tour of the ones they had under construction. They had just delivered eight finished TH’s to their owners and suggested we stay in touch so we could come and see these units when they were nearing completion. The lady who showed us around was a wealth of information. Between Jim and Mary Ann, and Diamond Park Homes, we have learned a lot.

I forgot to mention, Jim and Mary Ann said the highest their electric bill has been is $35 dollars for heating and cooling.

By the time we left Alba, it was time to head back and meet our friends, Pat and Jerry for dinner at Applebee’s…yum!

It was a good day in the adventures of Kip and Mary! Today is laundry day. I bet you can’t wait to read all about it tomorrow. Maybe we’ll have some time to check out some lots.