Murdo Girl…Word of the day

She can be prim and proper, or a real show stopper

But no matter what she does, she’s always short!

She’s usually delightful… astoundingly insightful

And even though she’s short, she’s a good sport!

If you’re a funny nut, or a real pain in the butt

She’ll tell you that she loves you all the same!


Even though she’d rather, put puzzles together

 She also likes to play those lame card games! 

She laughs at all your jokes…hates all egg whites and yolks

She eats pizza, but says, “Hold the cheese!”

If she needs some chilling out, you might see her airing out

And if she shouts, “Get out of my way!!” Don’t wait for, “Please!!!”


The word of the day is… chilling out



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