Murdo…It’s time

This is a moment to show kindness, give comfort, and pray.

This is a moment to encourage, and send love someone’s way

Moment to moment is the way we live our lives.

Though sometimes it seems to, time never really flies.

If something good is soon to happen, we think that time is slow.

We might say time is dragging, but it really isn’t so.

Time does pass… and you might ask where it has gone.

And your minute is my minute. Now are you catching on?

You might hear someone say, “I don’t have the time for that.”

You have the same as everyone. That’s what I’m getting at.

Watching the time is silly. It’s time that you will waste.

And here’s another thing. Time cannot be chased

Yes a moment is a moment that won’t come your way again.

But if you use it wisely, you will like where it has been.

We can help those who are hurting. There are many we can reach.

And I think it’s about time I practice what I preach.