Murdo Girl…Catching up with Queen E

I thought we should check on our favorite Queen from across the pond. We haven’t heard much from her lately. The Queen and I are as close as sisters, so she never takes offense at my leaking certain descriptions of photographs I steal…I mean capture. As you all know, Queen E. has been having some, shall we say, “difficulty” grooming Charles to take over the throne. Today, he wants to go play polo…

“And Princes , they wanna have fun, Mum
Oh Princes just wanna have fun…”
We can’t sit on the throne all day, Charles. I’m already late for my Zoom meeting.
“I hear a baby crying and a dog. Is that a dog barking? Why aren’t you all in your palace offices? Where is Mr. Zoom?
Oh Yes, I remember now…I had the sniffles that day

I always wear orange and black when I go to Murdo Coyote.

I haven’t been able to find my pom poms. That makes me sad.

I know I saw them somewhere.