Murdo Girl…An ode to huggers

I still like hugs and I can’t wait to hug again someday. That’s not going to happen until COVID goes away.

I dreamed that I forgot myself and tried to hug someone. I heard the whole world shout, “Here she comes you’d better run!”

Rules before COVID

Hugs are not for sissies. There are rules you need to know. It’s not the way it used to be many years ago.

I learned the rules the hard way, though I still don’t know them all. I’m here to help you hug right, so wrong hugs aren’t your downfall.

I saw a friend walk towards me, and I struck a huggers pose. He saw my arms wide open, and suddenly he froze!

It was an awkward moment. A situation to appraise. Should he walk into my waiting arms, or approach me from sideways?

(My cousin, Mark and me…the sideways hug.)

(Another sideways hug.)

Standing with my arms outstretched, I felt like such a fool. How could my friend know I didn’t know that hugger’s rule?

Unless they’re related, (less than twice removed), guys don’t give girls two armed hugs, unless they’re preapproved.

There is more you must remember. Age comes into play. If hugees are old and feeble, you can hug them the old way.

Wrap your arms around them. Just don’t squeeze too tight. A right hug could go wrong and they might put up a fight.

I must apologize to the men who felt anxiety, when I hugged them without knowing, the degree of it’s propriety.

My hugs are often longer than what’s acceptable today. I only know it’s too long, when my huggee pulls away.

Though I hope all of you know, I think hugging is quite harmless, I’ll follow all the rules or someday I’ll be armless.

So if you’re walking towards me and you think something’s amiss. Stop before you get there and I’ll just throw you a kiss.