Murdo Girl…Don’t lose your story

A picture is worth a thousand words. Some tell a longer story.

The image… person, place, or thing, is never ordinary.

(They did my kind of cut and paste in the 1963 MHS annual. Bob Brost is on the left ? On R)

While looking through a lens, someone makes a snap decision,

And forever captures everything within that narrow vision.

(Can you find me in chemistry class? 1970)

Decade after decade can come then disappear.

Everything is different, but the vision remains clear.

Most pictures tell a story that will change with each new teller.

It can bring few words to mind… or be a new best seller.

(Mrs. Kuhrt 1963 annual… Girl’s BB coach, taught business classes and wrote our school song.)

I treasure all the pictures I found from my childhood.

Stored in a little wooden box, their quality’s still good.

These days we snap hundreds but we barely take a look.

We don’t save the special ones in a photo book.

We store them on the web where they remain neglected.

And never look again at those treasures we’ve collected.

(My cousins, Mark and Stephanie and I are directed by cousin Andrea at a family Christmas Eve gathering. Mom cut my head hole in the sheet a little big.)

If you lose those precious visions someday you’ll be sorry.

Because without the vision you might forget the story.

Yes a picture’s worth a thousand words to you and those you know.

They bring back all the memories of good times long ago.

A favorite picture of two of my granddaughters, Olivia and Charlie

Ryan Constance, granddaughter

Grandson, Hudson with my hat on.

Grandsons, Mason and Ethan

Billy and I flew to California after I ran the Boulder Bolder in Denver. Mom snapped this picture of me with Gus when I got off the plane.