Murdo Girl…The Good Bear

A bear came to our house today, Indeed he was invited.

He saves the lives of many men and one day will be Knighted.

The Bear receives his knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II

Once a year he comes to us from somewhere in the forest.

We girls who often need his help, think he must abhor us.

All the men who live with us, love when he’s in town.

The computers will be fixed and the wives will settle down.

Prior to his visit…a conversation can’t be had.

When the web’s not there for us, the optive word is mad!

Sometimes the fix is simple. “Did you forget to turn it on?”

The Bear remains his tactful self, but stifles a big yawn.

It’s a struggle when he’s gone to keep ourselves online.

Without email, or grandkid’s pics, our mood will soon decline.

Google makes us smarter, though each upgrade makes us strain.

Soon to be compatible… we’ll need new software for our brain.

We always hate to see The Bear go back into the woods.

But we know he needs to hibernate away from neighborhoods.

(I think he misses berries)

We watch the bear go off for his long much needed slumber.

“What will we do?” We ask ourselves, “Oh yes! we have his number.”

(A couple at an unspecified house shortly before The Bear returns)

“Why doesn’t this computer do as I command?”

“It’s a computer not a husband. We’re headed for crash land?”