That 70ish Girl…Mayhem at the Auditorium

What could top those adoring crowds at the School Reunion Parade? MG and  Lav were about to find out.
They entered the Harold Thune Auditorium just in time to get their meal ticket and check out the old school yearbooks and photos. MG kept asking if she’d won the $2 Mug in the silent auction but the gals behind the ticket desk kept saying, “Shhh, silence.”

 Lav just wanted to eat and get her $35 worth of lunch so they moved inside and mingled. MG knew a lot of people so she struck up many conversations and asked people if they wanted her autograph. After hearing a “lunch is served” announcement over the loud speakers, Lav saw old people jockeying for position at the entrance to backstage where the food was ready. She used her pink tennis shoes to quickly maneuver in front of the line  to get her pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, chips and cold drink.  The Lions were serving the multitudes and believe me, they weren’t in any hurry. Lav grabbed her food and sat down with some friendly old guys to eat. The food was delicious. When everyone was sharing their school memories and no one was looking, Lav went back and got in line and helped herself to another plate full of everything, rushing through the line and dodging the guy asking for a second meal ticket.
 The head Lion, a guy named Flash Winterbottom, in an official vest, confronted Lav. “M’aam, you are upsetting people in line and didn’t give my coworker, Duke Looney, your meal ticket. Our count will be all off!”

“What? I thought you said he was a Duke, not a Count!.” Lav told Winterbottom, as she gobbled down her second pulled pork sandwich.

“No, our number of paid meals will be messed up. The Lions rely on this as a strong fund raiser.”
“It has raised a lot of fun. Excuse me Mister Winterbottom, but I need to find my cousin.
She’s the famous MG. Maybe you caught the interview of her yesterday. Ohh, there she is, talking with the gal who has one thick dark eyebrow. Bye, Flash.”

It was so crowded, Winterbottom couldn’t get through all the people so Lav blended in with the many black and orange T-shirted folks. She really was sweaty but full. There was a short program given and then people started gradually leaving. A famous guy was at the edge of the crowd. Lav recognized him immediately from his TV clips and asked her young looking old friend, Ralph, to snap a picture with this famous Murdoite.  (“This guy is almost as famous as MG,” someone in the group muttered.)
MG was nowhere to be found. Even Eddie, her schoolmate, was looking for her.

Finally, there were only a few people left inside cleaning up and some familiar guys standing at attention outside. Lav was so hot, she ran out. The two guys walked over. She recognized them as Art and Smart from the Brickhouse days. “Excuse me, M’aam, I am Officer Art Columbo and this is my fellow officer, Smart Kojak with the secret service.” They flashed badges. “We have been  informed that you fled the luncheon scene stealing food and not paying.”

“Secret Service? I guess it’s not a secret then if you’re telling me!” Lav retorted. “Guys, where’s Braveheart? What happened to him?”

Just them Eddie walked up. “Hey, what seems to be the trouble here? Maybe I can offer some assistance. I am an ex- top high school athlete and I know this auditorium inside and out. Just don’t interview me.Do you need a tour?”

–  Uh oh. Next time: What will happen to Lav and where did MG go? Can Eddie help? Will Winterbottom and Duke Looney press charges? Do Art Columbo and Smart Kojak have jurisdiction in Murdo? And where is Officer Braveheart?

More importantly will MG ever learn if she won the mug in the silent auction?
Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “That 70ish Girl…Mayhem at the Auditorium

  1. sanjuan831 August 5, 2022 / 11:29 am

    I can’t stop laughing…the video is hilarious. Love Duke Looney and the gal with one eyebrow!! Brilliantly done with a little crazy added in.


    • Mary Francis McNinch August 5, 2022 / 11:50 am

      The hilarious story made it easy. Thanks for sharing our trip in such a fun way. More fact than fiction.


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